Sep 032015

The latest update is a major one, and is the result of many months of work. The principal features of this update are:

  • The Parish Registers have now been fully processed, and the people, families and facts found there have been included in the People data (for example see :PI1:I25934&tree=hcn”>this person who has several entries)
  • We have developed ways of automatically “intelligently” generating Facts and Citations from the basic data (e.g. Censuses, Registers), thus:
    • All possible Facts are generated from the basic data, together with the Citations
    • Those Facts that duplicate another, or are less well defined, are deleted and their Citations transferred to the “better” Fact
    • Where two Facts can be combined (e.g. BEF 1856 and AFT 1834) they are replaced by a single Fact (BET 1834 AND 1856) with all their Citations
    • Where possible People’s Birth Dates are determined (Note that this has not been automated for Death Date)
    • Family relationships are used to generate implied Birth Facts for Parents
    • The process for Parents is repeated until no extra useful information is obtained
  • We have switched to using MailChimp for our emails to interested people, so the sign up form (on the right) is a little different
  • We have used a TNG “Mod” to generate an extra sitemap so that Google should find people and families and bring searchers to this site (however as of the launch date I have still to find out whether this works or not)
  • We have added a new page listing Nearby Places with some local history contact details
  • Whenever you calculate a relationship, the answer includes a link to a little diagram showing the various relationship terms (e.g. see the beginning of the result line at the foot of here).

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  1. Thanks Stephen, and I look forward to your brother’s inputs.

  2. This is a briliant site, Peter. So much work has gone into it. And now I’ve discovered my distant relatives Papworth Few, Harriet Few (my grandmother’s aunt) and their son, Sidny Lingo Few. My brother is deep into family history and can probably supply some fill-in details for these people.

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