From the Vestry notice and minute book of St Johns Holywell 1828-1861
A note in the Vestry notice and minute book
from St Johns Holywell 1828-1861

All our facts and figures have one or more “sources”, for example someone’s age in 1881 may have come from a census record.  Sometimes with historical things sources may be unreliable and  disagree, so we may for example record a date as “between x and y”, or with two seemingly contradictory entries. A source may be “cited” in support of more than one piece of information, for example a census record will provide many ages and relationships. Sources may be found in a  “repository”, for example all census records are held by the National Archives.

This section gives information about sources and repositories in the part of the site, and the ways they are utilised.  Much historical research is about finding sources, assessing the validity of what they tell us, recording this information, and recording how we came to these conclusions. This enables others to evaluate the situation, and for us all to be able to assess new information. This means that although it can be tedious to be clear about, and document, sources and citations it is vital to proper research.

I am trying to be good about this!

On the page about Permissions is some general information about where the information and images have come from, and who has given permission for their publication here.

This section also has a list of on-line family trees that contain people of the village, and (under the heading Resources) lists of the physical books etc. that are available for lending or purchase.

Parish registers are a particularly valuable source of information, and you can find both original images and reconstructed transcripts under this menu heading.
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