Subscriptions for the aid of Sufferers in the 1847 Fire


From the 25th September 1847 edition of the Cambridge Chronicle [D02876bf]

(with additional subscriptions from the 23rd October 1847 edition of the Cambridge Independent Press [D02876eb])

At a Public Meeting held at the Crown Hotel, St Ives, on Monday, September 20th 1847. Edward Fellowes, M.P., in the chair.

The Rev. Robert M’Ghee, Rector of Holywell with Needingworth, stated that, as far as he (with a Committee of his parishioners) had been able to ascertain, the loss sustained by the poor inhabitants of Needingworth in Furniture and Clothing, would exceed £1,200.

It was proposed by the Rev. James Linton, seconded by Rev. Edward Baines and Resolved

That a large amount of property belonging to the labouring poor of Needingworth having been destroyed by Fire, a Public Subscription be immediately set on foot for the purpose of supplying them with furniture and clothing.

Proposed by J B Rooper, Esq., seconded by George Rust, Esq., and Resolved

That the Subscriptions be paid into the local Banks to the account of the following Committee, who shall have power to distribute the same according to their discretion, and that three be a Quorum, and that they be assisted by a committee of gentleman from Needingworth.-The Rev James Linton, the Rev Edward Baines, the Rev George Johnson, Philip Tillard, Esq., Mr Lindsell, Mr Benjamin Aislabie Green, and Mr John Brown.

The following Subscriptions were then raised in the room (or later):-

Edward Fellowes, Esq. M.P25/0/0
George Thornhill, Esq. M.P25/0/0
J B Rooper, Esq.20/0/0
Rev. R Tillard10/0/0
Rev. James Linton10/0/0
Rev. Edward Baines10/0/0
Philip Tillard,, Esq.10/0/0
Messrs Rust & Vesseys20/0/0
Samuel E Cooch10/0/0
James Rust, Esq.10/0/0
Lady Hussey5/0/0
Richard H Hussey, Esq.5/0/0
A Friend1/0/0
Rev. William Finch10/0/0
Rev. J K Holland2/2/0
Rev. G Johnson5/0/0
Rev. J S Bankes5/0/0
Thomas Lindsell10/0/0
Thomas Bowyer5/0/0
John Laurence10/0/0
Thomas Knights5/0/0
Benjamin Gifford5/0/0
John Harradine10/0/0
Rev. Robert M'Ghee15/0/0
John Julian1/0/0
John Julian, jun.1/0/0
John Mann1/0/0
Benjamin A Greene10/0/0
John Ward1/0/0
J L Ekins5/0/0
Rev. C Gray2/0/0
J E Gray1/0/0
E A Wallingford3/0/0
H J Frampton1/1/0
Samuel Thorpe5/0/0
Simon Cole5/0/0
William Gifford5/0/0
Beniamin Vipan10/0/0
John Metcalfe5/0/0
G L Girling1/0/0
Rev. J E James1/1/0
Rev. Thomas Clarkson1/1/0
Rev. J Saunders1/1/0
Rev. E A Peck5/0/0
Captin Welstead R. N.1/1/0
Potto Brown5/0/0
John Brown, jun3/0/0
Charles Warner5/0/0
John Warner5/0/0
William Medland2/2/0
His Grace the Duke of Manchester30/0/0
Messrs Fosters (Bankers)10/0/0
Mr C E Brown (Mayor of Cambridge)10/0
Mrs C E Brown10/0
Mr T Frohook10/0
A Friend10/0
Mr C H Cooper10/0
Mr G J5/0
Mrs Brown5/0
Mr Isaiah Deck5/0
Mr Alderman Salmon10/0
St Ives-London & County Bank10/0/0
JS Stratton10/0
Adams, Mr0/2/6
Fanbroke, Rev Y5/0/0
Huntingdon by GM Fox7/6/6
Thompson, Mr5/0
Wyles, WB10/0
Bourdillon, Rev T5/0/0
Stukeley Magna2/2/0
Ingle, Francis1/0/0
Somersham Parish19/3/6
Ollivant, Rev Professor5/5/0
Evans, HR1/1/0
Woodruff, Rev T5/0/0
Sperling, Rev H5/0/0
Harris, GH5/0/0
Harris, Mrs5/0/0
Harris, HH2/0/0
Gotobed, James5/0/0
Mitchell, W1/0/0
King’s Ripton Parish2/16/0
London & County Bank, Huntingdon10/0/0
Cromwell, J, jun.5/0
Wasdale, Matthew10/0/0
Hopkins, Richard10/0/0
Coote, T & E5/0/0
Clemenson, E2/0/0
Johnson, John2/0/0
Allen, Rev Hy.10/0
Muriel, C5/0/0
Vipan, Thomas5/0/0
A B, by ditto5/0/0
Kimbolton Parish18/18/0
Catworth - By the Rev R Latham5/16/0
Earith Parish16/10/0
Broughton Parish8/2/0
Webb, TV1/0/0
Hale Weston Parish2/3/6
Veasey, C, jun.1/0/0
Sergeant, Rev J10/0
Buckden Parish10/0/0
Brampton Parish10/4/10
Easton Parish2/1/6
St Neil’s Parish10/7/0
Rowley, GW10/0/0
Godmanchester Second Sub3/15/0
Pidley Parish5/15/0
Leeds, Thomas5/0
Thompson G2/2/0
Hopkins, Rev DJ3/0/0
Ward W1/0/0
Knighton, W1/0/0
Butt, J1/0/0
Hett, Mr10/0
Gale, Mr10/0
Little Paxton Parish16/3/6
Southhoe Parish4/0/0
Colne Parish3/17/6
Bury Parish1/15/0
Martin, W2/2/0
Upsher, J10/0/0
Frere, Rev J, Cottenham1/0/0
Spencer, Miss1/0/0

There were also contributions sent to the Rector of Holywell-cum-Needingworth for the Sufferers from many benevolent individuals totalling 153/17/6

At a Meeting of the Committee appointed by the Public Meeting, the Rev. James Linton in the chair, it was Resolved

That a copy of the above resolutions together with a list of Subscriptions already raised be immediately printed and forthwith circulated throughout the neighbourhood, and that the following gentlemen be requested to raise subscriptions in their respective parishes

ParishTo raise subscriptions
AbbotsleyThe Rev. H Randolph
AlconburyRichard Wright
Ditto, WestonRichard Wright
Barham and BuckworthRobert Earl
Bluntisham and EarithStephen Feary, R. Brown
BramptonWilliam Dent
BroughtonWilliam Ward
BuryJohn Jullian
BuckdenThomas Bowyer
Bythorn and BringtonJohn George
Great and Little CatworthRev R. Latham
ColneEphraim Raper
DiddingtonGeorge Bowyer
EastonS. Whitehead
EllingtonW Ladds
St Neots & EynesburyMessrs. Days
Fenstanton & HiltonJ Mann and W Hammond
GodmanchesterD Martin, Capt. Hodgson
GraffhamF H Puckle
Great GransdenT V Webb
Hail WestonCharles Bank
HartfordJohn Butt
Hemingford AbbottsR Daintree
Hemingford GreyBenjamin Gifford
Houghton & WittonJ L James, P Brown
HuntingdonGeorge M Fox
KimboltonPeter Purvis
Leighton & Old WestonThomas Thorpe
MolesworthT Pasheller
Offord Cluney & DarceyJohn Bowyer
Old HurstR Kisbey
Great & Little PaxtonF Towgood
Pidley & FentonR Daintree
RamseyS Stafforth, J. Jones
Great and Little RaveleyG Brighty, P Martin
Kings RiptonJohn Arbell
St IvesRev. J K Holland, W Coote
SomershamB T Moseley, C Warner
SouthoeWm Bowyer
SpaldwickT Hawkins
Great and Little StauqhtonP Purvis
Great StukeleyJohn Hall
Little StukeleyRev. J H Barber
UpwoodMessrs. Pooleys
WaresleyRev. C Wilson
WarboysMessrs. Ekins
WistowThomas Fairley
WoodhurstJ L Ekins
PapworthRev. H Sperling

Leicestershire Mercury Saturday 29 January 1848 [D02498ct]

Huntingdon.—A few months since, a very extensive fire occurred at the village of Needingworth, in this county. Soon after its occurrence a fund was raised by subscription, for the relief of the indigent sufferers, and the circumstances connected with this subscription are so honourable to the neighbourhood that they are worthy of record. In a very short time upwards of £1250 were collected, which was found to be a larger sum than required, and the committee management have just issued a circular to the subscribers, stating that

The amount of subscription being more than adequate to meet the exigencies for which it was raised, the committee have resolved returning five shillings in the pound to each subscriber of one pound and upwards. All subscribers not claiming their dividend before the 1st of February will be considered as consenting that the same be added to the funds of the Huntingdonshire Infirmary.

It may be added, that to prevent imposition, every case where relief was afforded was strictly investigated by a committee of gentlemen in the neighbourhood, it being considered of the utmost importance that while the necessitous were assisted in their difficulties, nothing should done which could constitute a premium on incendiarism.