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HcnHistory is a project started by Peter Cooper, to collect and make available as much information as I can about the people, dwellings, stories etc of Holywell-cum-Needingworth (in what was once Huntingdonshire and now Cambridgeshire, England). The contents of this independent web site are provided to you free of charge, on an “as is” basis.

I have received lots of input from various organisations, groups and individuals (including several local people) and for this I am extremely grateful – see the Acknowledgements page. However this website ( is owned and run by me, and I take responsibility for it.

In making this material available I want to respect both privacy and copyright, and try to verify what I discover before publishing it.  I ask you to treat what you find here in the same way. There is a separate page on Cookies.  By using this site, you agree to the current terms of use displayed here.
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What you find here (images, text etc) has either been created by me or has been licensed to be used here. I try to indicate the source and licence status of material, but it is up to you to verify its status before you use it yourself.

You may use material created by me (whether text, image or etc.) for your own personal use, however you should verify genealogical data against the primary sources.  For wider publication (in a written document, genealogical database, or website of your own) please ask for my permission (and that of any living individuals in a photo if identifiable). You do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading material.

Your use of material created by others and licensed to this site is governed by the terms of that licence, and in most cases you will need the written consent of the creator. On the page about Permissions is some information about where the information and images have come from, and who has given permission for their publication here. If you believe that I have infringed your copyright please do let us know.

Please give appropriate credit for any material from this website that you use – preferably by including a reference or link to this site ( e.g. Source: Peter Cooper, ..article name.., from For further information, or if in any doubt, please ask – you can do so here.

Note that the IP addresses of all accesses to this website are logged. I reserve the right to deny access for any reason whatsoever.
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I do try to ascertain the accuracy of data before making it available, and to state its source, however there is the likelihood of errors. Some information is speculative and in the process of being proved or disproved. Do not take what you find here (or in any other online database) as 100% accurate. I cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any content or material found on this site or any linked site. Changes are periodically made to the information on this website.

If you notice something is wrong, see something that should not be showing, have a question, or can contribute information or material please do get in touch.  I hope that you enjoy your visit to the website and that you find it interesting and fulfilling. I am always pleased to hear from visitors, so please feel free to leave comments. .

Any links to other websites are provided for your convenience, and I have no control over what those websites show, nor indeed if they are still available.
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I have adopted the policy of omitting from the website all information, even if it is publicly available, relating to people who were, or I believe to have been, born less than approximately 100 years ago – unless they have specifically given me their permission. While this means that many families are shown as incomplete, and stories from the recent past cannot yet be shown, it seems to be a reasonable balance between wanting to show everything and respecting many people’s desire for privacy.

If you wish me to adopt a different policy towards your information (i.e. you are happy for your information to be shown, or want it not to be shown) please do get in contact and I will alter it in the next update.

Any personal information (email/street addresses, phone numbers, etc.) I collect, for example by means of the contact form or guestbook, will not be divulged to anyone unless I am legally bound to do so. You should be aware, however, that much of this information is already in the public domain and may be readily available to others using internet search engines.
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If you wish to comment on anything in this website you will need to provide a name and email address, but otherwise you are free to explore the site anonymously.

You can provide a general comment in the Guest Book (this will be seen by others who visit the website), or by using the Contact form (this is more private, and is also a way to let me have any photos, articles or other information).

You can provide a more specific comment on a post or page using the comment form below the post or page (if there is one). Note that this will be seen by others who visit the website.

You can provide a more specific comment on a Person within the TNG part of the site using the "Suggest" tab. Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion this way. This is not seen by other visitors to the site, but I will add any appropriate information to the offline database, and thence to the website when it is next updated.

However you do it, I look forward to hearing from you.