Two roads to Holywell

D01403c It is noticeable on some of the old maps, e.g. Cary’s 1801 map of Huntingdonshire, that two roads (or tracks) between Needingworth and Holywell are marked.

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The more easterly road of the pair is still with us as Church Street and then Mill Way. On this Google satellite view I can sometimes convince myself that I can see evidence for the second (westerly road).
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The oldest map that shows the two roads is Cosmo Wallace’s Map of Holywell-cum-Needingworth 1764. This is also the most believable as it is large scale, and presumably prepared for the inclosure. (I must get some better reproductions of it – these were done in my early days of research.) It is titled thus:

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A Plan
Part of the Lands
belonging to
His Grace George Montagu
Duke and Earl of
Also having the Extent and exact
Situation as they are Interipened among
lying in the Parish of Holywell cum
Needingworth and in the County of
Surveyed by Cosmo Wallace

D00430h In this detail you can see Needingworth. The top road going off the High Street right is Silver Lane, the next down is Overcote Lane, then Church Street and Hawkes Lane. The leftmost road going off the High Street is the now disappeared road going down to Holywell.
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D00430f In this detail you can see the west end of Holywell (the church is shown at the bottom right, and the mill at the top right).

The easterly road is marked as Mill Road and the westerly road as Church Road. This does make more sense than the current naming, as the westerly road is going almost directly to the Church.
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Have you seen any evidence on the ground of this road?
Have you any suggestions as to why there were the two roads, and one disappeared?

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