M4OPS – prototype mapping of our One-Place Study


Note that this is only a prototype system so at any time may not work as intended. However you should be able to see various things:

  • try using the slider to compare maps
  • try selecting different maps to be the base and overlay layers
  • have a look at the Pubs Feature Layer, and try hovering over some of them
  • you can also "List" the Pubs and hover over the list
  • clicking on any of them "freezes" some of the display, and you can interact again with the blue button
  • the Census Entries Feature Layer has more information about who was where over time
  • you can see it from the people’s point of view by clicking on "People" and again hovering or clicking

To have a little lesson in what is possible try clicking on the "Demo" button, and then when ready on the "up arrow" (↑).