There are several ways in this website in which you can do a search:

  • in the box at the top of the sidebar (it is on the right if it is shown, see ->) you can search for People within the part of the website
  • where the sidebar is not shown (on the TNG pages such as the surnames one) you can do the same search from the left of the second, thin 'TNG' menu bar (for more information about both of these ways of searching see “How do I find who I am looking for?” in the FAQ page)
  • in the second box of the sidebar you can 'Search HcNHistory' for words in the website – this searches everything but the TNG part of the website
  • there is a link to the search facility at Huntingdonshire Archives, where many of the documents in this research have been found
  • one of the free genealogical data sites is Gendex, and their data can searched here (note that TNG data can be uploaded to Gendex, but I have not done this)
  • other genealogical search sites can be found on the links page, and via sites such as Cindi’s list

TNG stands for The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding by Darrin Lythgoe. It is a software system used by thousands of people worldwide to store and display family trees. I have used it to show information about people, families, and what happened to them. Some of the pages of this website are "TNG" pages (they do not have a sidebar, but they do have a second, thinner menu bar), and others are not.

For more information click on the imageTNG

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