Over time Peter has been asked to do various presentations to various groups. The images and slides from most of these are, or will be, available under this heading.

When you have opened a presentation:

  • To enter, or exit, full-screen mode:- press F11
  • To advance a slide:- press Enter, space, or the right arrow
  • To go back a slide:- press the left arrow
  • To turn on/off autoscroll:- press + or –
  • To exit a presentation:- use the back arrow of your browser

The presentations currently available are:

Introduction to the
HcNHistory Website
The Village & its People
Media – photos etc.
Various Subjects – WW1, Roads
Parish Registers
Presentations available
Help on how to use the website
This can usefully play on autoscroll,
as an information display
HcN History
Transcribing Parish Registers
The Great Fire of Needingworth
This was given to
the St Ives U3A Local History group
in September 2014
HcN History
The Great Fire of Needingworth
John Thang Harradine
This was given to
the HcN Over 60s
in February 2015
HcN History
World War I
Mabel Wright
This was given to
the HcN Women's Institute
in March 2015
Holywell History
Glimpses into the history of Holywell
via a few documents
This was given to
the Holywell social group
in October 2016


The main presentations include certain modules, and the modules that are currently available are:

A little about meUsed at the beginning of most presentations
A Brief Introduction to the WebsiteUsed at the beginning of some presentations
HcN brieflyUsed during the first part of most presentations
Transcribing Parish RegistersGives some examples, and issues that arise
The Great Fire of Needingworth 16 Sept 1847Newspaper reports, letters, and a map
World War ISome of the stories of 1914/18
in Holywell and Needingworth
John Thang HarradineThe story of John Thang Harradine
Needingworth Farmer transported to Australia
Mabel WrightThe story of Mavis de Vere Cole
One of the 'Bright Young Things'
Painted by Augustus John
...and FinallyUsed during the last part of most presentations

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