Follis Constantinus
Follis Constantinus

There have been well over 200 archaeological finds made in the parish of Holywell-cum-Needingworth, and those that we are able to are listed below with one or two pictures of each find.

The following finds (mostly from metal detecting and field walking) are by George Britton and John XX, with permission from the landowners. The fields and exact locations of the finds are not published here. The physical finds themselves are looked after by George.

If you would rather look at the finds field by field then you can see them here.

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Pistol Ball [FD0287](No Images yet)
Round buckle? [FD0288](No Images yet)
Coin (Half penny George III - pre 1799) [FD0289]
Coin 23 mm (Victorian?) [FD0290]
Caldron foot 6 cm [FD0291]
Bronze alloy ferrule 3.1 cm Punched pattern with traces of red enamel [FD0292]
Piece of Buckle - brass 2 cm across [FD0293]
Loom weight - lead 2.5 cm [FD0294]
Unidentified lead - broken (token?) [FD0295]
Slag - bronze [FD0296]
Small key (jewellery box) [FD0297]
Unidentified (possible part of whistle) [FD0298]
Linked stars (broken jewellery?) [FD0299]
George V Farthing 1916 - 1929 [FD0300]
Victorian sixpence 1887 - 1893 [FD0301]
Domed button [FD0302]
Unidentified (possible bronze broken jewellery) [FD0303]
Piece of thimble [FD0304]
Indian Head One Cent - USA - 1863 [FD0305]
Victorian halfpenny 1862 [FD0306]
Small loom weight (spherical) 1.7 cm [FD0307]
Loom weight 2.5 x 3 cm [FD0308]
Thimble - brass? corroded crushed 2.5 cm [FD0309]
Coin - copper -penny? Worn flat deleted [FD0310](No Images yet)
George III Farthing - very worn 2.8 cm [FD0311]
Decorative Stud 1.3 cm [FD0312]
Piece from pewter buckle [FD0313]
Unidentified - 2.3 cm (possible Saxon coin) [FD0314]
Sixpence - 1926 [FD0315]
Halfpenny - 1943 [FD0316]
3 x unused musket balls 1.4 cm x 2, 1.6 cm [FD0317]
Gun percussion mechanism [FD0318]
bronze (possible piece of a brooch) [FD0319]
bronze - 5 mm (possible piece of jewellery) [FD0320]
Chain drive dolly cog [FD0321]
Victorian halfpenny - 1901 [FD0322]
Buckle [FD0323]
Unidentified - part disc (possible coin) [FD0324](No Images yet)
Nuremberg Jeton - Hans Schultes I [FD0325]
Piece of silver dish? [FD0326]
George III halfpenny (1775?) [FD0327]
Musket balls x 2 1.7 cm [FD0328]
Buckle - brass [FD0329]
George II halfpenny - 1730 [FD0330]
Part small spectacle buckle - brass 1.9 cm [FD0331]
Unidentified - piece of bronze [FD0332]
George V halfpenny - 1920 [FD0333]
Brass buckle with ferrous tongue 4 cm across [FD0334]
Unidentified lead with markings 2.5 cm across [FD0335]
Decoration and holding stud [FD0336]
Brass Thimble - broken [FD0337]
Large lead stopper? 4.5 cm [FD0338]
Spindle Whorl lead 2 cm [FD0339]
Bronze strap end/clip [FD0340]
Unidentified Bronze [FD0341]
Naval Button cover [FD0342]
Spindle Whorl lead 3 cm [FD0343]
Bronze 5.5 cm 3.7 cm (Earwax Scraper?) [FD0344]
Spoon - damaged [FD0345]
Crotal Bell - incomplete (16th/17th Century) [FD0346]
Unidentified bronze pieces [FD0347]
Military button [FD0348]
Victorian Penny - damaged (probably 1860) [FD0349]
Henry II Short Cross penny 1154 - 89 [FD0350]
Hallmarked cutlery piece [FD0351]
Coin?? deleted [FD0352](No Images yet)
Rose Farthing - Charles I [FD0353]
Escutcheon - 2 pieces (fit) [FD0354]
Unidentified - 2 pieces (fit) [FD0355]
Unidentified (brooch/furniture decoration) [FD0356]
Button (crown) [FD0357]
Farthing - 1874 - 1895 [FD0358]
Buttons front x 2 - Post Office logo GR [FD0359]
Button front - Navy logo [FD0360]
Buckle square [FD0361]
No 9 or 6 - Military Cap Badge [FD0362]
Pin large buckle - 5.5cm [FD0363]
Gilded Button - 2.3 cm [FD0364]
Unidentified - 4 cm deleted [FD0365](No Images yet)
Stud - square pin - 1.3 cm [FD0366]
Furniture fitting/Fire Tongs knob [FD0367]
Gilt button 1.5 cm ‘GILT’ (18/19th Century) [FD0368]
Unidentified 6 pointed - pewter (Post medieval) [FD0369]
Finger ring - gilded 2 cm diam [FD0370]
George III Penny x 2 [FD0371]
Unidentified bronze - Broken 3 x 2 cm (from Roman seal box) [FD0372]
QE II Three penny bit - 1955 [FD0373]
possible Shilling (182*) 2.5 cm [FD0374]
Gilt button [FD0375]
Lead bag seal/Token ‘2’ 1.6 cm (Medieval – post medieval) [FD0376]
Roman lead Pot mend 2.5 cm [FD0377]
Charles I - Farthing - 1625 [FD0378]
Victoria Farthing - 1860 - 1873 3 cm [FD0379]
Charles I copper Farthing? [FD0380]
Thimble (damaged) 1.3 diam 1.8 cm tall [FD0381]
Victoria Farthing 1892 [FD0382]
Spectacle Buckle (broken) (1450 – 1600) [FD0383]
Bronze handle Unidentified vessel 8 x 3.5 cm [FD0384]
Spectacle Buckle plain (1250 – 1450) [FD0385]
George III Farthing? [FD0386]
Flint scraper (Neolithic) [FD0387]
Roman lead Pot mend 3 cm [FD0388]
Unidentified stopped tube wih holes [FD0389]
Naval button cover [FD0390]
Barrel Tap? [FD0391]
Unidentified - ‘Warranted Triple Plated’ copper [FD0392]
Strap End/Belt fitting? (Tudor?) [FD0393]
Military buttons x 4 (same pattern) [FD0394]
Lead weights? X 2 [FD0395]
Lead button (thin) x 2 [FD0396]
Decorated fragment - bronze/copper [FD0397]
Unidentified brass [FD0398]
Lead button (thick) [FD0399]
Piece of bronze dish [FD0400]
Thimble silver/pewter [FD0401]
Roman coin weight? [FD0402]
Buckle (1450 – 1700) [FD0403]
Chape? [FD0404]
Cuff Link - 9 375 [FD0405]
Coin - 21 mm copper alloy (Charles halfpenny?) [FD0406]
Coin - 13 mm silver? [FD0407]
Pistol ball [FD0408]
Piece of bronze cup/dish [FD0409]
Unidentified bronze [FD0410]
ARP Button [FD0411]
Post Office button [FD0412]
Button - bronze with tinning (18/19th Century) [FD0143](No Images yet)
Lead/Slag [FD0144](No Images yet)
Small coin - 14 mm - Roman forgery (3rd Century) [FD0145]
Ironstone - discarded [FD0146](No Images yet)
Brooch part (Saxon – 6th Century) [FD0147]
Unidentified - Iron [FD0148](No Images yet)
Coin - 25 mm - George V - Farthing - 1927 [FD0149]
Non Ferrous metal - curved possible decorations [FD0150](No Images yet)
Shell casing? [FD0151](No Images yet)
Small coin or button - silver -D 7 (medieval) [FD0152]
Lead/slag [FD0153](No Images yet)
Coin - 20mm (1/3 Farthing 1827?) [FD0154]
Button - bronze (19/20th Century) [FD0155](No Images yet)
Lead/slag [FD0156](No Images yet)
Farthing - 1938 [FD0157]
Button - bronze with tinning (18/19th Century) [FD0158](No Images yet)
Six pointed decoration - Bronze [FD0159]
Part keyhole cover - copper [FD0160](No Images yet)
Half Copper coin - with left face (Forgery of Sestertius 1/2nd Century) [FD0161]
Button - bronze (18th Century) [FD0162](No Images yet)
Unidentified bronze [FD0163](No Images yet)
Farthing 1939 [FD0164]
Folded - lead - possible pot repair [FD0165](No Images yet)
William III coin [FD0166]
Jewellery - face - bronze (post medieval) [FD0167]
Spoon tip - tinned bronze (18/20th Century) [FD0168](No Images yet)
discard [FD0169]
Naval button/badge - copper/bronze - small (19/20th Century) [FD0170]
Two pieces of lead- possible worked [FD0171]
Brass/copper [FD0172](No Images yet)
Lead disc with imprint - 3 x 25 mm (weight) [FD0173]
Brass gas fitting [FD0174](No Images yet)
Bronze hook - sword belt hanging (17th Century) [FD0175]
Furniture fitting - bronze (17/19th Century) [FD0176]
Farthing 1956 [FD0177]
Unidentified bronze [FD0178]
Button - FINE YELLOW GILT (18/19th Century) [FD0179]
Bronze (possible jewellery) [FD0180]
Coin/Token bronze - 19 - 20 mm [FD0181]
Unidentified - mixed ferrous & non-ferrous [FD0182](No Images yet)
Part of spoon - pewter/lead (17/19th Century) [FD0183](No Images yet)
Small coin - 14 x 16 mm (Roman 3/4th Century) [FD0184]
Bronze piece - part of lid of jug (16th Century onwards) [FD0185]
William & Mary coin 1694 [FD0186]
Small coin 13 x 15 mm - Rose Farthing (17th Century) [FD0187]
Pistol ball -12 mm (17/18th Century) [FD0188]
½ New Penny - 1973 [FD0189]
Threepenny Bit 1945 [FD0190]
Buckle (medieval – 12/14th Century) [FD0191]
Unidentified - Pewter? - tinned (Piece of Crotal Bell?) [FD0192]
Unidentified -bronze [FD0193](No Images yet)
Unidentified decoration - Maple Leaf [FD0194]
Bronze - unidentified - pot foot (13/14th Century) [FD0195]
Pistol Ball (small) - 12 mm [FD0196]
Token (Silver?) LOS ANGELES RAMS [FD0197]
Wing from Aircrew Brooch [FD0198]
2x small bits of Bronze (modern) [FD0199](No Images yet)
Copper coin 20 mm - George III [FD0200]
Farthing 1946 [FD0201]
Bronze - Acorn in cup (medieval strap end) [FD0202]
Bronze pin? [FD0203]
Unidentified - bronze? [FD0204](No Images yet)
Button? [FD0205](No Images yet)
Book fitting (16/17th Century) [FD0206]
Spindle whorl [FD0207]
Hinge or leather connector - bronze (17th Century) [FD0208]
Unidentified Bronze/Brass [FD0209]
Farthing 1603 - 14 x 16 mm (Charles I/II – 17th Century) [FD0210]
George V penny - 1920 [FD0211]
Small coin 15 mm - Bronze? [FD0212]
Small coin 20 mm - Silver? [FD0213]
Unidentified Bronze [FD0214]
Part of fork - Bronze [FD0215]
Unidentified Bronze [FD0216]
Unidentified Bronze/Brass [FD0217]
Unidentified Bronze 1” x 1” x ¾” (medieval pot foot) [FD0218]
Coin broken - 15 mm (Roman?) [FD0219]
Unidentified Bronze (possible Bronze age) [FD0220]
Unidentified Bronze/Brass [FD0221]
Buckle Silver? (16th Century) [FD0222]
Unidentified bronze/iron [FD0223]
Bronze/Copper Button - SURREY LXX [FD0224]
Farthing Copper 1603 - 1614 - 1625? [FD0225]
Unidentified hook - Silver? [FD0226]
Unidentified broken half domed - Silver? [FD0227]
Button - copper - THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY [FD0228]
Coin - 27 mm [FD0229]
Silver (folded) - ‘STIRLING SILVER MADE IN ENGLAND’ [FD0230]
Badge - bronze [FD0231]
Buckle - 2.4 x 1.9 cm [FD0232]
Unidentified Bronze? [FD0233](No Images yet)
Unidentified - 2 x 1.6 cm (possible Celtic coin) [FD0234]
Unidentified - 2 cm (probably button, medieval) [FD0235]
Button - broken possible Silver - 2.2 cm (Tudor) [FD0236]
Spindle Whorl - lead cone (27.01.07) - 2.5 cm [FD0237]
Coin? 24 mm - Silver plated [FD0238]
Jewellery/ Toy bird - lead [FD0239]
Sixpence 1945 [FD0240]
Gilded button - Firmin & Sons, London - 90 [FD0241]
Farthing 1944 [FD0242]
Balance Scales weight 8 gm [FD0243]
Halfpenny 192? - damaged [FD0244]
Penny 1906 [FD0245]
Coin/Button 25 mm [FD0246]
Deleted [FD0247](No Images yet)
Penny 1908 [FD0248]
Deleted [FD0249](No Images yet)
Spur broken [FD0250]
Thimble Brass? - 1.7 diam 2 cm tall [FD0251]
Coin Silver? 3 cm [FD0252]
Coin 1.4 cm Silver? [FD0253]
Unidentified Bronze/Brass [FD0254]
Silver Buckle broken (possible medieval) [FD0255]
Unidentified Copper Coin folded [FD0256]
Lead Loom Weight 2 x 2 cm [FD0257]
George II Farthing 1744 [FD0258]
Knapping flake [FD0259]
Small lead counter? 1 x 1 cm [FD0260]
Copper button [FD0261]
Piece from Crotal Bell [FD0262]
Gun percussion mechanism - brass (FLO identified) [FD0263]
George III Irish Farthing 1806? [FD0264](No Images yet)
Coin? 20 mm [FD0265](No Images yet)
Lead seal with face - 2 cm [FD0266]
Jewellery Bronze - face? - stud - Harness decoration -1.5 x 1.1 cm (medieval) [FD0267]
Buckle - bronze - 3 cm (medieval) [FD0268]
Sixpence 1947 [FD0269]
Coin? 18 mm [FD0270]
Coin? 19 mm folded over (possible love token) [FD0271]
Part of old table spoon/fork handle [FD0272]
Broken printing stamp NF? [FD0273]
George V Farthing - 1936 [FD0274]
Piece of Crotal Bell [FD0275](No Images yet)
Button - lead - 2.5 cm [FD0276]
Unidentified Coin? 3 cm - silver? [FD0277]
Unidentified [FD0278](No Images yet)
Stick ferrule - bronze (FLO identified) [FD0279]
Decorative buckle - bronze - 2.5 x 1.5 cm Hat or Shoe (post 1660) [FD0280]
Ball on broken ring 1 cm - jewellery pendant - bronze (16/18th Century) [FD0281]
Unidentified - copper - 2.5 cm [FD0282]
Unidentified part of fitting - silver? 3.5 cm [FD0283]
Brass thimble - see 109 1.8 cm diam x 2 cm tall [FD0284]
½ New Pence [FD0285]
Small coin unidentified - 12 mm [FD0286]
Follis Constantinus [FD0413]
Part of brooch [FD0414]
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