This section is the least developed, as I have lots of information about the buildings etc. of the village, but do not yet have the system to display it on the website.

Needingworth High Street
Needingworth High Street
Queens Head in the centre background

It does however have a current map, some old maps, a list of current and historic websites relevant to the village, a list of the known public houses, a little about nearby villages and places, and a village blog containing posts about the village.

I have taken the liberty of adding pages for some village groups that do not otherwise have a web presence, including the local history group, our community café (Chatters), Film Club, and our Book Club (a list of books read).

If any other group would like something about themselves, or useful to members, added here then I am happy to consider it (as long as it is not too time critical as this site is mostly about history, and only updated every few months). In particular if you would like to document your group’s history here in some way then I would be delighted to offer that service – please let us know.

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Hopefully it will eventually contain many more items about:-

  • General History
  • Maps
  • Streets
  • Dwellings
  • Street Features (e.g. the War Memorial)
  • Events
  • Subjects

If you have information (or photographs etc.) that could be of interest please feel free to let me know.

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