People Involved in the Project


Many people have contributed to what you can see in this website. Below are details of some of the individuals involved in the project, and what they want to say about themselves.

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Peter Cooper

I am a mathematician by training, and involved with computers since 1963. I have lived in Cheshire, Glasgow, London, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, and Surrey.  I started looking at my own family history after I had retired, and we moved to Needingworth. But when I was asked in 2011 to do a little genealogical research in Chatters (our village community café) on a customer’s behalf, I started  getting really interested in the history of my adopted village.

Other things I spend time on at this stage of life are family (my wife and I have 5 boys between us, and 9 grandchildren), garden, Mapping for One-Place Studies (you can see the prototype system I am developing here), and relaxing.

Others involved in the project

Sue Anderson
I moved to St Ives in 1966 and moved to Needingworth in 1998. I am interested in family history, particularly my husband’s family who have farmed in this area for more than 200 years.
Sally Beaman
Originally from Shropshire, I have lived in the village since 1995 and have been involved in several village activities over the years. I am a member of the Needingworth Baptist Church and a bell-ringer at St John the Baptist, Holywell, and have become particularly interested in the history of both.
Cherryl Frost
I am originally from a Pennine village in Yorkshire. I have lived in Needingworth since we retired in 2009, having previously kept our boat on the River Ouse for several years. Always interested in history, I started to find out about my new home, and volunteered to transcribe the Vestry Notice and Minute Book of St. John the Baptist, Holywell from 1828. I am particularly interested in the medieval period when the villages were part of the Ramsey Abbey Estate.

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  1. Welcome Craig and family. If I may I will contact you separately by email, and add you to my email list of people to be notified when the site is updated (about every 3-4 months).
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Peter,
    Thanks so much for a wonderful site.
    My family and I moved here last October 2014 and very much love the villages and community. Lucky enough to have a Victorian on the high street and whole family keen on history including that of our house plus archaeology. Would like maybe to learn more and hope perhaps you can give us some advice please.
    Craig Allinson

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