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Chatters Community Café is open every Thursday from 9.15am until last orders at 5pm (but note that ) in Needingworth Village Hall Pavilion (Overcote Lane, Needingworth, PE27 4TU see map below) for tea, coffee, cakes, snacks and hot meals.

It began in March 2009, and has been managed and run by a team of local volunteers since then.

Sample Menu

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Breakfast Special and Light Bites

Cooked BreakfastCooked Breakfast (Available until 11.00 am) £2.40
2 sausages, Egg, Bacon, Beans & 2 slices of toast
Extra items 50p each
Toast – White or Brown Bread 60p
Beans on ToastBeans on Toast £1.20
Scrambled Egg on Toast £1.20


Sandwiches – on White or Brown Bread £1.50
Fillings include Cheese & Tomato, Ham, Tuna Mayonnaise, Bacon
Children’s Sandwiches 50p
Fillings include Cheese, Ham, Jam, Marmite
Lunch BoxChildren’s Lunch Box £1.50
Child’s sandwich, drink, crisps and choice of small cake, biscuits or banana
Additional sandwich 50p

Toasted Sandwiches & Jacket Potatoes

Toasted SandwichToasted Sandwiches £1.70
Fillings include Cheese , Cheese & Bacon, Tuna Melt, Ham & Cheese
Jacket Potatoes (Served between 11.30- 1.30 pm) One Filling £1.70
Fillings:- Cheese, Baked Beans, Tuna Mayonnaise, Coleslaw
Each additional filling 50p

Snacks & Cakes

Crisps 40p
Biscuits 35p
CakeHomemade Cakes 40p to £1.00


Cup/Mug of Tea 70p
Pot of Tea £1.00
Coffee CupInstant Coffee 70p
Freshly Ground Cup of Coffee/Latte £1.00
Freshly Ground Mug of Coffee/Latte £1.50
Hot Chocolate £1.00
Hot Chocolate Indulgence (with cream and marshmallows) £1.20
Milk 30p
Squash – Orange or Blackcurrant 30p
Fizzy Drinks (can) 70p

FairTradeWe use Fair Trade coffee, tea and sugar wherever possible, and usually have decaffeinated options. Special offers and new menu items every month. We cannot guarantee that homemade items do not include nuts or have been made in a kitchen which is free of traces of nuts.

Chatters Cafe

Could you be a Chatters Volunteer?
If you’d like to volunteer for your local community Café and join our friendly team, please contact Carol Mutter, Café Manager on 01480 464526

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Computers at Chatters

Peter Cooper Viv FountainEvery Thursday from 1.30-3.30 Peter Cooper, or a colleague, is in Chatters to provide access and to offer advice and training on any aspect of using a computer, phone or tablet – just £1 for upto 1 hour session. You can use our computers and internet connection, or bring in your own equipment. Over 100 people have taken advantage of this opportunity to date.

We can also help with researching your family history, or share what we have found out about the history of Holywell-cum-Needingworth (even more than is currently on this website). You are especially welcome if you would like to help in any way with this village history project (see here for ideas).

Wi_Fi_LogoThe Village Hall in Needingworth now has its own free Wi-Fi link. For further information contact Roger Beaman on 01480 462379, or [email protected].

The password is available in Chatters, and if you are in on Thursdays between 1.30 and 3.30, Peter can help you to set it up. Any problems with the Wi-Fi link should be reported to Roger, who will get back to you when he can.

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Some ways that Computers at Chatters can help

  • how to use your new laptop, phone or tablet
  • how to create documents or spreadsheets
  • how to surf the web safely
  • how to find free software
  • how to research your family history (we have access to a paid subscription site)
  • how to move photos from your camera or phone
  • how to shop and bank online safely
  • how to use email
  • how to use Windows 8
  • how to get route maps
  • etc etc

Why this page on Chatters Community Café in a history website?

  • this was were it started (a customer asked about the Tabbitt family)
  • you can come and meet Peter here (almost) every Thursday, to talk about the history
  • Chatters has no website of its own

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Welcome to Chatters!

There are many tempting things on our menu, so go on – indulge yourself with one of our delicious homemade cakes while you have a drink and read a newspaper! Check out what community activities or events are on. Young Mums, Children, Arts & Crafts, Check your email, surf the net, learn new skills and more – there’s something for everyone at Chatters.

This map shows the Pavilion and Village Hall (where Chatters is) and the entrance to the car park from Overcote Lane.
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Chatters Community Café Logo was kindly donated by local graphic designer Leila Schmitz [email protected]

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Chatters is closed:
  • 18th February 2016
  • 2nd June 2016
  • 27th October 2016
  • 29th December 2016
  • 16th February 2017
  • 1st June 2017

(During half-term holidays Wellworth Players use the Pavilion so Chatters is closed. School holiday dates can be found at the official Cambridgeshire site or at myschoolholidays.)

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