Alistair Hay Fraser in WW1

Alistair Hay Fraser

Alistair was born on the 2nd August 1894, second son of Arthur Anderson Fraser and Margaret Elizabeth Fraser. He was the younger brother of Francis McGreigor Fraser who served as a Private in the Army Service Corps in the war. Alistair’s parents lived at White Rose Cottage, Holywell but Alistair was working as a clerk in London when the war began.

He enlisted in the Bedfordshire Regiment and served in the 6th (Service) Battalion until February 1917. The 6th Bedfords landed in France on July 30th 1915 and served in all areas from the Somme to Ypres. In the last few months that Alisteir was with his Battalion they operated from Neuve Chappell(December 1916), Le Touret (January 1917) and Loos(February 1917).

He left the infantry to take his commission in the Royal Flying Corp, as it then was. Finally after training he became a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force on the day it formed, 1st April 1918. In June 1918 he joined his squadron in France. The squadron was mainly engaged in offensive patrols, escort duties, low level reconnaissance and ground strafing. The Allied offensive in the Amiens sector had begun on 8th August and air patrols were increasingly important both in offensive and scouting roles.

PoppyOn 11th August Alistair took off from the airfield near Wavans to take part in a scouting patrol, but when starting off his SE5 biplane fell to the ground and caught fire. Alistair died about 6 hours later from the shock of the burns he received.

He was buried in the Wavans British Cemetery at Pas de Calais, but a headstone in Holywell cemetery records his death. His grieving mother presented a brass altar cross and candlesticks to this church in memory of her younger son.

British War Medal and Victory MedalHe received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.


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