Sidney Wilmer in WW1


Sidney Wilmer was in the renumbered 3:rd:/4:th: London Regiment having been in the Battalion, as had :PI1:I148&tree=hcn”>Harry Attwood. The Londons landed in France in January 1917 and Sidney was reported as missing from 20th September, but later was found to have been killed. He was one of 4 brothers serving with the colonies and the youngest son of Mrs E Wilmer of Needingworth. He was an apprentice at Johnson and Randalls, Grocers in St Ives.

Hunts Post 26th October 1917

Needingworth Cyclist Missing


Pte S Wilmer, London Regiment is reported missing as from September 20th. He was formerly in the Hunts Cyclists, and went to France about a month before he was missed. He is one of four brothers serving with the colours, and is the youngest son of Mrs E Wilmer of Needingworth. As a civilian he was an apprentice at Messrs. Johnson & Randalls grocer, St. Ives.

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The Huntingdonshire Cyclists Battalion was used mostly for home defence duties and were based in Yorkshire for a lot of the time, watching the east coast. For this reason they were know by many as the 'forgotten regiment'.

Many local soldiers who served in the army in World War 1 had been in the Cyclists Battalion first.

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