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On this page we have put a few links to useful resources about the history of nearby villages and towns. There is also some other information about them amongst the other pages of this website (you can use the Search HcNHistory in the box on the right to find them).

For now this feature is incomplete, so if you know of a pertinent resource in one of these places please let us know.

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The Bluntisham Trail, which takes you round interesting buildings in the village, can be downloaded or printed from here. A contact for the history of the village is Marian Land.


Adrain Gibbs’ book Reflections of Colne is available to buy.


A contact for history in Earith is Hazel Lambert.
You can see my own photos of a 2015 Archaeological dig near the Earith Bulwark here. A film about the dig by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit can be found here.
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On the Over village website there is a page on History.



Fen Drayton




St Ives

The centre of St Ives is now branded The Old Riverport St Ives.
The Norris Museum is St Ives’ own museum.
The Civic Society promote care for the beauty, history and character of the town.
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Somersham Heritage Back CoverSomersham Heritage Front CoverSome details about the Somersham History Society can be found here, and about the parish.
Alan Draper has published two books on the history of Somersham (profits to the church):

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