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Major Links

ThumbnailDescriptionComment [D02667aa]Subscription service with a lot of data, and useful sections - available for free in Cambridgeshire libraries to members
British LibraryBritish Library [D02667bg]Lots of books, newspapers etc.
British Newspaper ArchiveBritish Newspaper Archive [D02667la]A growing resource of searchable old newspapers from the British Library - also available via FindMyPast
Commonwealth War GravesCommonwealth War Graves [D02667ab]Details of where members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the wars are buried
Cyndi's List of Internet SitesCyndi's List of Internet Sites [D02667ac]Lists many useful genealogy research sites - international [D02667ad]Free Family History and Genealogy Records - a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
FindmypastFindmypast [D02667ae]Subscription service with a lot of data, and useful sections - I have a subscription, and can use it with you in Chatters
FreeBMD - SearchFreeBMD - Search [D02667af]Birth, Marriages, and Deaths compiled by volunteers
FreeREG SearchFreeREG Search [D02667ag]U.K. Parish Register Information compiled by volunteers
The GenealogistThe Genealogist [D02667al]Subscription service with data and advice
General Register OfficeGeneral Register Office [D02667ah]GRO maintain the national archive of all births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1837; and can provide certificates (at a price)
GenukiGenuki [D02667ai]A non-commercial virtual reference library of genealogical information of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland
Lost CousinsLost Cousins [D02667aj]Putting Relatives In Touch - able to match you with others researching the same ancestors, with a delightful newsletter
National Archives of the United KingdomNational Archives of the United Kingdom [D02667ak]Many documents of both national and local interest - based at Kew

Other Useful Links

A2A - Access to ArchivesA2A - Access to Archives [D02667bb]Catalogues describing archives held locally in England and Wales [D02667bc]Provides guidance on where to find information on English and Welsh ancestors
Ancestry Boards on Needingworth (Ancestry's family tree resource)Ancestry Boards on Needingworth (Ancestry's family tree resource) [D02764e]a publicly-available feature of our site that might be of value to your readers
BillionGravesBillionGraves [D02667jk]Headstone images
British GENESBritish GENES [D02667bd]Stories and news concerning British Isles ancestral research, with a useful Blog (Scottish/ Irish bias)
British History OnlineBritish History Online [D02667be]A digital library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles
British OriginsBritish Origins [D02667bh]A resource for tracing British and Irish ancestors
CamdexCamdex [D02667bi]An index of all the Births, Marriages, Civil Partnerships and Deaths within Cambridgeshire since 1837.
Cassini MapsCassini Maps [D02667cd]A commercial historic map site
Connected HistoriesConnected Histories [D02667bj]Brings together a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain with a single federated search
A Date Guide to English GenealogyA Date Guide to English Genealogy [D02667ba]Looks at genealogy research from a chronological perspective
Deceased OnlineDeceased Online [D02667bk]A central database for UK burials and cremations
Dick Eastman's Daily Online Genealogy NewsletterDick Eastman's Daily Online Genealogy Newsletter [D02667kf]
FFHS - our really useful information leaflet 2016FFHS - our really useful information leaflet 2016 [D02667lt]Here we give guidance on both how to begin and go further, starting with Useful Websites on page 2 and Researching Your Family History on page 6.
Find a Grave (Find a Grave)Find a Grave (Find a Grave) [D02748d]Details of many graves
Free Genealogy Free Genealogy [D02667bl]A free genealogy listings site - lots of resources
FreeCEN FreeCEN [D02667bm]UK Census Online compiled by volunteers
GenCirclesGenCircles [D02667bn]A community-based genealogy site that is entirely free to use
Genealogy Search via GoogleGenealogy Search via Google [D02667bo]A free tool that helps you use Google™ for your research
Genealogyintime SearchesGenealogyintime Searches [D02667bp]A free tool to get the most out of ancestral searches using Google plus the free Genealogy Search Engine and the Family Tree Search Engine.
Genes ReunitedGenes Reunited [D02667bq]Subscription service with a lot of data, and useful sections
GenGuideGenGuide [D02667jf]Providing family historians and genealogists with information on UK and Irish genealogical sources, topics, finding aids and contacts relevant to family history.
Hearth Tax OnlineHearth Tax Online [D02667cg]The hearth tax was levied between 1662 and 1689 on each householder according to the number of hearths in his or her dwelling.
Historical Directories of England & WalesHistorical Directories of England & Wales [D02667je]From the University of Leicester
HISTPOP Historical PopulationHISTPOP Historical Population [D02667fr]A collection of British Historical Population Reports
The Long, Long Trail (WW1)The Long, Long Trail (WW1) [D02667bw]Information about the British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918
National Archives MapsNational Archives Maps [D02667br]Description and index to the maps held at National Archives
National Wills IndexNational Wills Index [D02667bs]The principal online resource for pre-1858 English wills and probate material
Old MapsOld Maps [D02667bt] - a commercial historic map site
Old Maps OnlineOld Maps Online [D02667jh]An easy-to-use gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world
Ordnance SurveyOrdnance Survey [D02667bu]Britain's national mapping agency for British maps and mapping data
Origins NetworkOrigins Network [D02667bv]A resource for tracing British and Irish ancestors including unusual, hard-to-find, older records
ProbateSearchProbateSearch [D02667jj]Search for the will or probate of any person in the UK who died between 1858 and 1996
UKBMDUKBMD [D02667bx]Provides links to web sites that offer on-line transcriptions of UK births, marriages, deaths and censuses, and other data
Vision of Britain through timeVision of Britain through time [D02667by]A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001; including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions

Specialist Links

Archaeology ExpertArchaeology Expert [D01648ca]A practical resource that conveniently catalogues a wealth of articles about Archaeology
Britain's child migrantsBritain's child migrants [D02667cc]From the 1860s, more than 100,000 children were sent from Britain to Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries through child migration schemes.
The Clergy DatabaseThe Clergy Database [D02685a]Clergy of the Church of England 1540-1835 (CCEd)
Convict transportation registers databaseConvict transportation registers database [D02667jl]Australia
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection  Google MapsDavid Rumsey Historical Map Collection Google Maps [D02667ce]Only of general interest
Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and IrelandDictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland [D01648cd]
England’s ImmigrantsEngland’s Immigrants [D02667jn]a fully-searchable database containing over 64,000 names of people known to have migrated to England during the period of the Hundred Years’ War and the Black Death, the Wars of the Roses and the Reformation
GenderCheckerGenderChecker [D02667cf]Unsure if a name is male or female?
The Great War ArchiveThe Great War Archive [D02667co]Stories contributed by the general public
Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP) Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP) [D02667ch]19th century children’s hospital records
London Lives 1690 - 1800London Lives 1690 - 1800 [D02667jm]A fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts
Methodist Research ResourcesMethodist Research Resources [D01648de]Ministers, Churches, etc
My Methodist HistoryMy Methodist History [D01648da]For sharing photos, stories, memories and research
My Primitive Methodist AncestorsMy Primitive Methodist Ancestors [D01648db]
My Wesleyan Methodist AncestorsMy Wesleyan Methodist Ancestors [D01648dc]
Names and their equivalents (Behind the name) [2012]Names and their equivalents (Behind the name) [2012] [D02199b]The etymology and history of first names
Names and their equivalents (Whats in a name) [2012]Names and their equivalents (Whats in a name) [2012] [D02199a]Where Forenames are thought to have originated and what they originally meant, plus recorded Variations, Pet Names, Diminutives and Abbreviations.
National Maritime Museum Research guidesNational Maritime Museum Research guides [D02667ci]For people connected to the sea
Office for National StatisticsOffice for National Statistics [D02667cj]The UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and is the recognised national statistical institute for the UK - more for current data than historic
Old Bailey OnlineOld Bailey Online [D02667ck]A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.
Old OccupationsOld Occupations [D02667cl]Names and descriptions
Palaeographer at Reverend.inPalaeographer at [D02667lh]Transcribing centuries old family records
ProgenealogistsProgenealogists [D02667ca]Professional Genealogists (USA based)
PublicProfiler - world namesPublicProfiler - world names [D02667cm]The world family name mapping website uses many new and up to date sources to tell you where in the world people with your family name are found.
Researching Historic BuildingsResearching Historic Buildings [D01648cb]
Resources for medieval English genealogyResources for medieval English genealogy [D02667jo]
Service recordsService records [D02667cn]How to find the service record for someone who served in the British forces - an MOD veterans service
Share online the history of the Bible ChristiansShare online the history of the Bible Christians [D01648dd]a Methodist community archive - a nineteenth-century British Methodist movement (1815-1907).
TroveTrove [D02667ji]Australian and online resources: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more
Tutorial etc on palaeography [2011]Tutorial etc on palaeography [2011] [D01960a]Palaeography is the study of old handwriting
UK Statistics AuthorityUK Statistics Authority [D02667cp]The gateway to national statistics
War Grave and Memorial PhotographsWar Grave and Memorial Photographs [D02667cq]Aiming to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, Ministry of Defence grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel in all nationalities and military conflicts - and make them available online
Wellcome Library Digital CollectionsWellcome Library Digital Collections [D02667jg]Health and medical
WW1 causes of dischargeWW1 causes of discharge [D02667cr]A Guide to WW1 Causes of Discharge - Paragraph 392 of King's Regulations 1912

Links to some other sites using TNG

These can be an inspiration as we develop this site, and its contents. Some of these sites also use WordPress, but not all.

Champion Family HistoryChampion Family History [D02667dc]
Familien Kracke & SchneiderFamilien Kracke & Schneider [D02667de]
gregoryologygregoryology [D02667df]A pictorial walkthrough of the history of the Gregory Family in Chicago
Hart Family HistoryHart Family History [D02667dg]
I Hope to SpeedI Hope to Speed [D02667dh]Cathcart / Mcdonnell Genealogy [D02667di]the genealogy of the Imhoff and Pryor families of greater Utica, New York
Kloosterman GenealogyKloosterman Genealogy [D02667dj]
Mitchell Families OnlineMitchell Families Online [D02667dl]
Morss GenealogyMorss Genealogy [D02667dm]
Roger’s RamblingsRoger’s Ramblings [D02667dn]
Thacker Genealogy ForestThacker Genealogy Forest [D02667dp]
Uniquely YoursUniquely Yours [D02667da]A website that showcases the capabilities of a WordPress and TNG together
Upavadi view, tngviewUpavadi view, tngview [D02667dr]Upadhyaya Family and Relatives
Verkenningen GenealogyVerkenningen Genealogy [D02667ds]
WP-TNG sites (Mosley Families)WP-TNG sites (Mosley Families) [D02668c]
WP-TNG sites (The Hills of Derbyshire)WP-TNG sites (The Hills of Derbyshire) [D02668b]The objective of this site will be to document the genealogy of the families, and where possible to add a little of the history surrounding them.

Technical Links

Family Tree Maker - No longer being soldFamily Tree Maker - No longer being sold [D02667ea]Best-selling family history software
FamilySearch IGI Batch NumbersFamilySearch IGI Batch Numbers [D02667eb]Lists the Extracted batches for the British Isles that previously formed part of the IGI (International Genealogical Index), the on-line database created by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and available at
First Name AbbreviationsFirst Name Abbreviations [D02484a]e.g. did you know that "Ioh" means John (in Latin)
A Genealogy Latin DictionaryA Genealogy Latin Dictionary [D02484c]
Latitude and Longitude of a PointLatitude and Longitude of a Point [D02667ec]To find the latitude and longitude of a point e.g. For use in Google maps
Legal Term and Law Dictionary - LawGuru.comLegal Term and Law Dictionary - [D02667ed]Based on the 1856 Edition of the Bouviers Law Dictionary
Look up Latitude and Longitude [2011]Look up Latitude and Longitude [2011] [D01953a]To find the latitude and longitude of a point e.g. For use in Google maps
Occupations Classified List for 1911 CensusOccupations Classified List for 1911 Census [D02667ee]Image of an HMSO report
OpenStreetMapOpenStreetMap [D02667ef]The project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world
UK electoral registers and their uses (Parliamentary constituencies and their registers since 1832) [2010]UK electoral registers and their uses (Parliamentary constituencies and their registers since 1832) [2010] [D02481b]

Possibly useful Links

Aerofilms Britain from AboveAerofilms Britain from Above [D02667cb]Historic aerial photographs Blog [D02667fa]People's stories about searching for family – mostly American
BBC - Family History guideBBC - Family History guide [D02667fb]Basic tutorials
British GenealogyBritish Genealogy [D02667fc]Dedicated to assisting people with their British family history research
British Isles GenealogyBritish Isles Genealogy [D02667bf]A list of links relevant to history and genealogy
Catholic National LibraryCatholic National Library [D02667fd]currently houses Mission Registers which list baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths etc. dating back as early as 1694
dmoz Open Directory - Genealogydmoz Open Directory - Genealogy [D02667ff]More lists of resources
DustyDocs - English Parish Registers OnlineDustyDocs - English Parish Registers Online [D02667jp]Links to Free Genealogical Websites in England containing Parish Registers
Family Tree FolkFamily Tree Folk [D02667fg]A UK genealogy supplier - a unique source of gifts, cards, magnifiers and essential materials and equipment for people fascinated by family history.
Family Tree Forum WikiFamily Tree Forum Wiki [D02667fh]Where members can research and socialise in a safe, friendly and helpful environment
Family Tree metaSearcherFamily Tree metaSearcher [D02667fi]Search family trees at nine online family tree databases by entering ancestor information just once [D02667fj]Subscription service with data
FHS Online brings together data from Family History Societies across the UKFHS Online brings together data from Family History Societies across the UK [D02667lf]Find your family history - Census and Parish Records
Genealogy GatewayGenealogy Gateway [D02667fk]Lots of information, being revised
Genealogy LinksGenealogy Links [D02667fl]Lists of links
Genealogy TodayGenealogy Today [D02667fm]Discover Ancestors in this unique collection of Family History records & photos.
GeneaNetGeneaNet [D02667fn]Subscription service with data
Global Information Centre linksGlobal Information Centre links [D02667fp]Lists of links
Hathi Trust Ancestry and Genealogy CollectionHathi Trust Ancestry and Genealogy Collection [D02667jq]Digital books and documents
HeritageGatewayHeritageGateway [D02667fq]Search for information on England's historic sites and buildings, including images of listed buildings.
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy (US)History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy (US) [D02667jd]From via Cindy Powell and her Brownie Scouts
Internet Archive Digital LibraryInternet Archive Digital Library [D02667fs]An archive of old websites - Universal access to all knowledge
Local History OnlineLocal History Online [D02667ft]Aims to help to meet the needs of anyone with an interest in local history; owned and managed by Local History Magazine
Looking 4 KinLooking 4 Kin [D02667fu]Aiming to have the groups in our genealogy network provide worldwide genealogy resources, weblinks & discussions to make tracing your family history online easier.
Mad About GenealogyMad About Genealogy [D02667fv]Linda Elliot's blog (passionate about Family History)
myfamilygenealogy - Cambridgeshire-based research, coachingmyfamilygenealogy - Cambridgeshire-based research, coaching [D02667lp]Robert Parker, Genealogist
OneGreatFamilyOneGreatFamily [D02667fw]The world's largest collaborative online family tree
The Original RecordThe Original Record [D02667f1]Surname-indexed ancestry and genealogy historical records, books and documents
Pipl - People SearchPipl - People Search [D02667fx]A comprehensive search for information about people on the web
Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE)Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) [D02667fy]Domesday etc - a database which aims to provide structured information relating to all the recorded inhabitants of England from the late sixth to the late eleventh century;
Roots UKRoots UK [D02667fz]Pay-per-view access to genealogical data
Social and Cultural History (GG)Social and Cultural History (GG) [D02667fo]Collections of Social and Cultural historical documents from the 1800s through 1954 with concentrations in Steamship and Ocean Liner documents
Stirnet - co-op building family historiesStirnet - co-op building family histories [D02667f0]Supports research into Family & Social History with a unique approach to genealogical and family data
University ArchivesUniversity Archives [D02667f2]Enables search across descriptions of archives held at over 240 institutions across the UK
York Cause PapersYork Cause Papers [D02667f3]A searchable catalogue of more than 14,000 cause papers relating to cases heard between 1300 and 1858 in the Church Courts of the diocese of York.
Your Family HistoryYour Family History [D02667f4]Find the family history of people in the UK census from 1841 to 1891

Magazine Links

Family Tree MagazineFamily Tree Magazine [D02667gb]
Who Do You Think You Are MagazineWho Do You Think You Are Magazine [D02667ga]
Your Family Tree MagazineYour Family Tree Magazine [D02667lb]

Links to Societies

The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA)The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA) [D02667lk]Tagline: Family History researchers you can rely on
Association of Professional GenealogistsAssociation of Professional Genealogists [D02667ll]An international organization dedicated to supporting those engaged in the business of genealogy (largely US)
British Association for Local History (BALH)British Association for Local History (BALH) [D02667lg]Our purpose is to encourage and assist the study of Local History as an academic discipline and as a rewarding leisure pursuit
Cambridgeshire Association for Local History (CALH)Cambridgeshire Association for Local History (CALH) [D02667ha]
Cambridgeshire Family History SocietyCambridgeshire Family History Society [D02667hb]
Family & Community Historical Research SocietyFamily & Community Historical Research Society [D02667hc]
Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS)Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) [D02667lj]
The Guild of One-Name StudiesThe Guild of One-Name Studies [D02667lm]over 2,600 people have registered over 8,400 study surnames
Huntingdonshire Family History SocietyHuntingdonshire Family History Society [D02667hd]
Huntingdonshire Local History SocietyHuntingdonshire Local History Society [D02667he]
Oral History SocietyOral History Society [D02667hg]promotes the collection, preservation and use of recorded memories
Society for One Place StudiesSociety for One Place Studies [D02667hf]Where genealogy and local history meet
Society of GenealogistsSociety of Genealogists [D02667hi]
St Ives Civic SocietySt Ives Civic Society [D02667hh]
The Wesley Historical SocietyThe Wesley Historical Society [D01648cc]for the advancement of interest in the history of all branches of the Methodist Church

Huntingdonshire Links

CCAN - Cambridgeshire Community Archive NetworkCCAN - Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network [D02667ia]32 groups from towns and villages in Cambridgeshire recording the local history of the county
Huntingdon Town CouncilHuntingdon Town Council [D02667ib]
Huntingdon Town WebHuntingdon Town Web [D02667ic]A Jevstar page
Huntingdonshire District CouncilHuntingdonshire District Council [D02667ie]
Huntingdonshire Library and ArchivesHuntingdonshire Library and Archives [D02667am]A wonderful place for accessing original records of Huntingdonshire
The Huntingdonshire SocietyThe Huntingdonshire Society [D02667ii]A voice championing the county of Huntingdonshire
Norris Museum, St IvesNorris Museum, St Ives [D02667if]It would be hard in this old town, with all its enchanting places, to find a place surpassing in attractiveness the museum on the river bank. We have seen few museums built so neatly in so fair a place as this." ARTHUR MEE, THE KING'S ENGLAND
St Ives Corn ExchangeSt Ives Corn Exchange [D02667ig]
St Ives, Huntingdonshire, England.St Ives, Huntingdonshire, England. [D02667ih]Not updated recently

One-Place Study Links

This website is essentially a One-Place Study or .

Society for One Place StudiesThere are lots of one-place studies listed on the website of the Society for One Place Studies. The following are other websites with similar aims, but not part of the society, or ones that are a particular inspiration as we develop this site and its contents.

Buckhurst Hill in Essex - HistoryBuckhurst Hill in Essex - History [D02667li]
Burton Latimer Local Heritage SocietyBurton Latimer Local Heritage Society [D01648bb]Burton Latimer (pop 6000) - A Sense of Place; The Town, The People, Their Stories
Community Family TreesCommunity Family Trees [D02667ja]Syllabus for a class by Raymond W. Madsen of FamilySearch
Constructing a parish population history [2007]Constructing a parish population history [2007] [D01662a]An essay on how to do it by Matthew Woollard
Desborough Study - A study of its people through the ages (A Family Story)Desborough Study - A study of its people through the ages (A Family Story) [D01835a]Desborough - a study of its people through the ages
Experience Ashbourne (in Derbyshire) HistoryExperience Ashbourne (in Derbyshire) History [D02667ln]
Heanor & District Local History SocietyHeanor & District Local History Society [D01648ba]Heanor is a market town in Derbyshire; not a major tourist area, but we are here to celebrate our history and heritage, which is as strong as anyone's! (pop 22000)
The History InterpreterThe History Interpreter [D02667le]Janet Few: Putting your Ancestors in their Place: a guide to one place studies (book)
Know Your Place Bristol mapsKnow Your Place Bristol maps [D02667lc]More info at
Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk ProjectLancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project [D02667jb]OnLine Parish Clerk Projects aim to extract and preserve the records from the various parishes and to provide online access to that data, FREE of charge
Locating London's PastLocating London's Past [D02667jc]Search a wide body of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and map the results on to a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map.
My House My StreetMy House My Street [D02193a]MHMS is a collaborative, community-based project providing information about Brighton & Hove's historic homes and streets
One Place studies (Register of one-place studies) [2013]One Place studies (Register of one-place studies) [2013] [D02604a]
The Porch Museum GodmanchesterThe Porch Museum Godmanchester [D02667lo]An independent museum and a part of the Friends of the Queen Elizabeth School; run by a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who work together to record the town’s history and its people
WP-TNG sites (Brampton in Chesterfield.)WP-TNG sites (Brampton in Chesterfield.) [D02668a]building a searchable database of those who are recorded as having lived and worked there

A one-place study (OPS) considers people and families in their physical and social context in any location across the globe.

By learning about your ancestors’ neighbours and studying the historical environment and events that took place within a village, you can gain a greater understanding of your own genealogy. An OPS researches the residents of a particular place by gathering a full range of historical records, memorabilia and stories that mention those individuals, and analyse them to gain insights into the social and economic workings of that place.

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