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Composite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 10

Composite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 10
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/4/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 10
Body TextOn 24 Jul 1702 {P28382} William Hawkes (Farmer) was Buried

On 02 Aug 1702 {P21475} John Thorpe was Baptised (and Born 02 Aug 1702)
His Father: {P23936} William Thorpe
Note: One register has born, the other baptised, for the same date.

On 24 Aug 1702 {P20898} Mary Asplan was Buried
Her Father: {P23181} Thomas Asplan (Farmer)

On 07 Oct 1702 {P21314} John Palmer was Baptised (and Born 28 Sep 1702)
His Father: {P23787} Francis Palmer
Note: day/month questionable

On 29 Aug 1702 {P25755} Roger Bright (Weaver) was Buried
Note: one register says 9 Aug

On 14 Aug 1702 {P23846} Henry Sheffield (Labourer) was Married to {P26485} Mary Bridgeman (widow)

On 28 Sep 1702 Ann Hull was Buried; Spouse: Thomas Hull (Ploughwright)

On 05 Oct 1702 {P25798} John Brown (Tailor) of Chatteris was Married to {P26535} Elizabeth Wilson (widow) of Needingworth

On 07 Oct 1702 {P21207} Charles Leeds was Baptised (and Born 07 Oct 1702)
His Father: {P23676} John Leeds
Note: day/month questionable [One register has born, the other baptised, for the same date.]

On 12 Oct 1702 {P20262} Ann Wagstaffe was Buried
Her Father: {P22613} John Wagstaffe (Labourer)

On 15 Oct 1702 {P21207} Charles Leeds was Buried
His Father: {P23676} John Leeds (Butcher)

On 19 Oct 1702 {P21427} Mary Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {P23898} John Smith (Yeoman) of Needingworth

On 28 Oct 1702 Ann Hull was Buried
Her Father: Thomas Hull (Ploughwright)

On 28 Oct 1702 {P21597} John Woodcock (Labourer) of Warbois was Married to {P26533} Elizabeth Croak of Needingworth
Note: One register has Woodcock and Croak, the other Woodcocke and Croake

On 14 Nov 1702 {P19940} Robert Smith was Born
His Father: {P24100} John Smith (Pump Maker) of Needingworth
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