Stimson, Lucy

Female Bef 1794 - Bef 1794


Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 59

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 59
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 59
Body TextOn 29 Sep 1793 {P19870} Sarah Sanson was Buried
Her Father: {P19883} Thomas Sanson, and Mother: {P19600} Sarah Sanson

On 06 Oct 1793 {P26739} Ann Barton was Buried; Spouse: {P23102} Thomas Barton

On 03 Nov 1793 {P20961} Margaret Turner (widow) was Buried

On 28 Nov 1793 {P24418} Ann Medcalf was Buried; Spouse: {P11562} John Medcalf

On 29 Jan 1794 {P28709} Thomas Granger was Buried
His Father: {P25500} Thomas Granger Junior

On 30 Jan 1794 {P27033} John Bromwich was Buried
His Father: {P27034} James Bromwich, and Mother: {P27035} Martha Bromwich

On 23 Feb 1794 {P28356} William Clement was Buried
His Father: {P21858} John Clement, and Mother: {P4615} Hannah Clement

On 20 May 1794 {P27374} James Wood was Buried

On 01 Jun 1794 {P27782} Lucy Stimson was Buried
Her Father: {P20002} John Stimson, and Mother: {P24554} Mary Stimson

On 02 Aug 1794 {P27507} Edward Guilot (Gentleman) was Buried

On 05 Aug 1794 {P27866} Elizabeth Smith (widow) was Buried; Spouse: {P27867} Richard Smith
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