Pain, John

Male Bef 1706 - Bef 1726


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Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 68

Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 68
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 68
Body TextOn 09 Oct 1726 {P25867} Jesper Johnson (M; Labourer) was Buried

On 08 Nov 1726 {P23783} John Pain (Labourer) was Buried

On 20 Nov 1726 {P27992} Elizabeth Wilson was Buried; Spouse: {P27993} John Wilson
Note: Sojouners Affidavit of same day, not sure of day, assume 20th

On 09 Dec 1726 {P21447} Matthew Stacy (Infant) was Buried

On 1726 {P25125} Deborah Bright was Buried

On 03 Apr 1727 {P28414} John Marham (Labourer) was Buried

On 03 May 1727 {P27015} John Joyce (Infant) was Buried
His Father: {P23642} Thomas Joyce

On 21 Jul 1727 {P5309} Anne Guylott (Infant) was Buried
Her Father: {P5276} Edwards Guylott

On 12 Sep 1727 {P26865} John Lawrence (Labourer) was Buried

On 15 Sep 1727 {P21265} Mary Mumford (Infant) was Buried
Her Father: {P25871} William Mumford

On 25 Oct 1727 {P21239} Susanna Mitchell (Infant) was Buried
Her Father: {P23707} Henry Mitchell

On 10 Nov 1727 {P23773} Robert Offley (Yeoman) was Buried

On 11 Nov 1727 {P28445} Martha Dobson was Buried
Her Father: {P21956} William Dobson

On 16 Nov 1727 {P25836} John Green (Labourer) was Buried

On 22 Nov 1727 {P21702} Thomas Cook was Buried
His Father: {P21059} John Cook
Note: not sure of day, assume 22nd

On 07 Dec 1727 {P28446} Sarah Middleton was Buried; Spouse: {P28447} Thomas Middleton of Linn

On 29 Dec 1727 {P23203} Thomas Barley (Labourer) was Buried

On 29 Dec 1727 {P21320} Mary Oldfield was Buried; Spouse: {P23778} William Oldfield

On 29 Dec 1727 {P21203} Elizabeth Laxon (Infant) was Buried
Her Father: {P23671} John Laxon
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