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Female Bef 1707 - Bef 1747


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Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 1

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 1
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 1
Body TextOn 05 Apr 1747 {P19815} William Pate was Baptised
His Father: {P22311} John Pate

On 08 Apr 1747 {P26319} Sarah Cook was Baptised
Her Father: {P21916} John Cook

On 19 Jul 1747 {P19862} Anne Peters was Baptised
Her Father: {P23796} James Peters

On 21 Jul 1747 {P19806} Anne Pain was Baptised
Her Father: {P22301} Thomas Pain

On 27 Sep 1747 {P19774} Daniel Munns was Baptised
His Father: {P22269} John Munns

On 11 Nov 1747 {P19594} Robert Hubbard was Baptised
His Father: {P22910} James Hubbard

On 25 Nov 1747 {P19425} William Cook was Baptised
His Father: {P21922} William Cook

On 16 Sep 1747 {P23671} John Laxon was Married by Licence to {P26671} Mary Townsend

On 19 Oct 1747 {P25923} John Phillips was Married to {P26670} Mary Kelford

On 16 Apr 1747 {P29117} Anne Tootall was Buried; Spouse: {P29118} Thomas Tootall

On 27 May 1747 {P25205} Grace Hull was Buried; Spouse: {P23617} John Hull

On 21 Jun 1747 {P21329} James Peters was Buried
His Father: {P23796} James Peters

On 04 Aug 1747 {P25881} Richard Cox (Innholder) was Buried

On 28 Aug 1747 {P26383} Rebecca Offley was Buried; Spouse: {P25698} Robert Offley

On 08 Oct 1747 {P20907} Mary Rignall was Buried; Spouse: {P25702} Robert Rignall

On 11 Oct 1747 {P19782} William Nicholson was Buried
His Father: {P22278} John Nicholson

On 24 Oct 1747 {P28565} John Hawkins (Labourer) was Buried

On 16 Dec 1747 {P20101} Sarah Foster was Buried
Mother: {P28524} Foster (F; widow)

On 27 Dec 1747 {P23796} James Peters (Shepherd) was Buried
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