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Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 25

Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 25
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 25
Body TextOn 01 Oct 1718 {P21238} Jasper Mitchel was Baptised
His Father: {P23707} Henry Mitchel, and Mother: {P25242} Sarah Mitchel

On 20 Oct 1718 {P20056} John Deacon was Baptised
His Father: {P23411} John Deacon, and Mother: {P25150} Rose Deacon

On 23 Nov 1718 {P21340} Elizabeth Pickhard was Baptised
Her Father: {P5284} John Pickhard, and Mother: {P25265} Mary Pickhard

On 06 Dec 1718 {P21398} Anne Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {P23905} James Smith, and Mother: {P25300} Sarah Smith

On 13 Dec 1718 {P21564} John Wells was Baptised
His Father: {P24042} John Wells, and Mother: {P25357} Mary Wells

On 10 Jan 1718/9 {P21718} Thomas Stacy was Baptised
His Father: {P23911} William Stacy, and Mother: {P21355} Mary Stacy

On 12 Jan 1718/9 {P21124} Edward Heyward was Baptised
His Father: {P23599} John Heyward, and Mother: {P20894} Alice Heyward

On 01 Mar 1718/9 {P21492} Francis Townsend was Baptised
His Father: {P23966} Thomas Townsend, and Mother: {P25323} Mary Townsend

On 27 Mar 1719 {P21050} Mary Coock was Baptised
Her Father: {P21059} John Coock, and Mother: {P25141} Elizabeth Coock

On 30 Mar 1719 {P20850} Thomas Adams was Baptised
His Father: {P23147} Thomas Adams, and Mother: {P25081} Catherine Adams

On 21 Apr 1719 {P21463} Sarah Thorp was Baptised
Her Father: {P23936} William Thorp, and Mother: {P26566} Sarah Thorp

On 26 May 1719 {P21034} Ellen Clark was Baptised
Her Father: {P23334} Thomas Clark, and Mother: {P25132} Elizabeth Clark
Note: aged 3 years 4 months 26 days, i.e. Born 31 Dec 1715

On 26 May 1719 {P21143} Faith Hull was Baptised
Her Father: {P23608} Thomas Hull, and Mother: {P25201} Anne Hull

On 30 May 1719 {P21343} John Poog was Baptised (and Born 24 Jun 1707)
His Father: {P23790} Waldo Poog, and Mother: {P25270} Alice Poog

On 10 Sep 1719 {P21216} Alice Lolly was Baptised
Her Father: {P23682} John Lolly, and Mother: {P25236} Anne Lolly

On 17 Sep 1719 {P20983} Anne Bond was Baptised
Her Father: {P23278} William Bond, and Mother: {P25116} Elizabeth Bond

On 10 Oct 1719 {P21172} John Joice was Baptised
His Father: {P23642} Thomas Joice, and Mother: {P25224} Elizabeth Joice
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