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Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 20

Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 20
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 20
Body TextOn 09 Jun 1706 {P21099} William Hemington was Baptised
His Father: {P25784} John Hemington, and Mother: {P26517} Elinor Hemington

On 11 Aug 1706 {P21483} Susannah Tibbs was Baptised
Her Father: {P22576} William Tibbs, and Mother: {P25321} Elizabeth Tibbs

On 08 Sep 1706 {P20124} Richard Green was Baptised
His Father: {P23480} William Green, and Mother: {P25174} Ethel Green

On 17 Sep 1706 {P21256} John Morris was Baptised
His Father: {P23724} Henry Morris, and Mother: {P25247} Mary Morris

On 18 Sep 1706 {P21283} Sarah Offley was Baptised
Her Father: {P23773} Robert Offley, and Mother: {P25252} Sarah Offley

On 29 Sep 1706 {P21313} Mary Palmer was Baptised
Her Father: {P23786} William Palmer, and Mother: {P21051} Mary Palmer

On Oct 1706 {P21421} Anne Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {P23858} John Smith, and Mother: {P25285} Mary Smith

On 17 Nov 1706 {P21258} Sarah Morris was Baptised
Her Father: {P23727} Robert Morris, and Mother: {P25250} Sarah Morris

On 24 Nov 1706 {P20968} John Bissell was Baptised
His Father: {P23263} John Bissell, and Mother: {P25109} Elizabeth Bissell

On 01 Dec 1706 {P21464} William Thorp was Baptised
His Father: {P23936} William Thorp, and Mother: {P25314} Sarah Thorp

On 12 Dec 1706 {P21438} Anthony Smith was Baptised
His Father: {P23909} Thomas Smith, and Mother: {P25301} Elizabeth Smith

On 27 Dec 1706 {P21220} William Love was Baptised
His Father: {P21217} Henry Love, and Mother: {P20162} Anne Love

On 07 Jan 1706/7 {P21543} Anne Walker was Baptised
Her Father: {P24022} Owen Walker, and Mother: {P25352} Elizabeth Walker

On 28 Feb 1706/7 {P21493} Jane Townsend was Baptised
Her Father: {P23969} James Townsend, and Mother: {P25325} Jane Townsend
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