Bissell, John

Male Bef 1681 - Bef 1796


Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 13

Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 13
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 13
Body TextOn 18 Apr 1680 {P20070} Elizabeth Ellis was Baptised
Her Father: {P23426} Charles Ellis, and Mother: {P25157} Mary Ellis

On 27 Jun 1680 {P21706} Dorothie Curtis was Baptised
Her Father: {P23393} Henry Curtis

On 18 Jul 1680 {P20912} Mary Barnes was Baptised
Her Father: {P23205} Thomas Barnes

On 01 Aug 1680 {P20162} Ann Hart was Baptised
Her Father: {P23524} Thomas Hart, and Mother: {P25187} Alice Hart

On 10 Jan 1680/1 {P20970} John Bissell was Baptised
His Father: {P23267} John Bissell

On 10 Nov 1681 {P21473} Mary Thorpe was Baptised
Her Father: {P23941} Joseph Thorpe, and Mother: {P25317} Blanch Thorpe

On 24 May 1681 {P21574} Lettice West was Baptised
Her Father: {P24051} John West
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