Thorpe, Joseph

Male Bef 1661 - Bef 1689


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Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 11

Composite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 11
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1667-1746 - Page 11
Body TextOn 25 Mar 1675 {P21693} Humfrey Bates was Baptised
His Father: {P26066} Humfrey Bates

On 20 Apr 1675 {P21393} Mary Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {P23863} Henry Smith

On 06 Jun 1675 {P20094} Hester Flack was Baptised
Her Father: {P23454} Edward Flack

On 09 Jun 1675 {P5263} Margaret Lambert was Baptised
Her Father: {P5224} William Lambert

On 20 Jun 1675 {P20072} John Elson was Baptised
His Father: {P23427} John Elson

On 10 Jul 1675 {P5248} James Lambert was Baptised
His Father: {P5219} John Lambert

On 10 Aug 1675 {P20143} Elizabeth Hanscomb was Baptised
Her Father: {P23502} George Hanscomb

On 12 Aug 1675 {P21088} John Curtis was Baptised
His Father: {P23395} William Curtis

On 16 Sep 1675 {P20930} Margaret Barrs was Baptised
Her Father: {P23230} William Barrs

On 10 Oct 1675 {P20859} Thomas Argent was Baptised
His Father: {P5252} Stephen Argent

On 10 Nov 1675 {P21188} William King was Baptised
His Father: {P23654} Paul King

On 06 Feb 1675/6 {P21394} William Smith was Baptised
His Father: {P23896} Thomas Smith

On 06 Feb 1675/6 {P21336} Elizabeth Pickeard was Baptised
Her Father: {P23809} John Pickeard

On 23 Feb 1675/6 {P21512} Francis Townsend was Baptised
His Father: {P26072} John Townsend

On 22 Feb 1675/6 {P21474} Joseph Thorpe was Baptised
His Father: {P23941} Joseph Thorpe

On 05 Mar 1675/6 {P10838} John Hemmington was Baptised
His Father: {P26084} John Hemmington

On 13 Mar 1675/6 {P21127} Elizabeth Heyward was Baptised
Her Father: {P23592} Edward Heyward

On 15 Mar 1675/6 {P21271} Richard Neve was Baptised
His Father: {P23740} John Neve

On 19 Mar 1675/6 {P21277} Thomas Newton was Baptised
His Father: {P23745} Abraham Newton
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