Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kerry, Edward  Abt 1866Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P198
2 Kerry, Eli  Abt 1865Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P4376
3 Goodman, Elizabeth  Abt 1854Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P3759
4 Webster, Fisher (2)  Abt 1837Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1763
5 Webster, Elisa  Abt 1835Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1760
6 Fairby, Susan  Abt 1819Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P3222
7 Allpress, Robert  Abt 1814Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P9080


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Webster, George  Abt 1842Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1766
2 Webster, Ann  Abt 1840Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1764
3 Webster, Emma  Abt 1839Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Tabbitt, James  05 Apr 1891Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P5082
2 Tabbitt, Harriet  05 Apr 1891Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P9641
3 Whittlesey, William  07 Apr 1861Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P10183
4 Whittlesey, Eliza  07 Apr 1861Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P9416
5 Webster, William A  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1756
6 Webster, Samuel  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1751
7 Webster, George  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P11559
8 Webster, Fisher (2)  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1763
9 Webster, Emma  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P374
10 Webster, Elisa  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1760
11 Webster, Ann  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1764
12 Allgood, Mary Ann  06 Jun 1841Upwell, Cambridgeshire, England P1749