Oct 122017

The changes in the latest update include:

  • Quite a few corrections and additions of information about people – as a result of feedback from many users of this site (and I am sorry that I have taken so long to respond, and not processed all your comments yet)
  • A link to the mapping system I have been developing (M4OPS – Mapping for One-Place Studies), with lots of maps for Holywell-cum-Needingworth
  • A new presentation (under Miscellany) – “Glimpses into the History of Holywell” about the history of Holywell using 6 documents, as given to the Holywell social group in 2016

Some completely new sections have been started (and need lots more work)

I have also had to change the name of the village used internally in the website to “Holywell with Needingworth”, as the normal name causes lots of problems with spam filters (it’s known as the Scunthorpe problem). Incidentally I suspect that the use of the Latin form of “with” in the name of the combined parish may not be as ancient as one might think. A subject for more research!

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