Jul 012015

This website has just been updated, but the changes are very minor. I had hoped to be able to release a complete update of the People information on the site, but it is not ready.

I have almost completed the task of going through all the names (over 6000) in the Parish Registers and identifying those who are the same person or related to each other, and also linking them to people we already knew about from censuses etc. However this detailed work has thrown up an issue with the technical way I have been processing the data, and I need to sort this out before I re-publish the People information. I am afraid that doing this sort of technical thing (which involves quite a bit of programming) is something I really enjoy, and I hate seeing inaccuracies in my data, so users of this website will have to wait for the information to be published!

Unfortunately this also means that I have not been able to process any of the information I have received about people from other visitors to this site. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact and apologies that it is taking so long to use your information. Again I hope that your contributions will be reflected in the contents of this website in a later update.

Relationship Diagram

One new thing is that this useful diagram from Betty Eichorn is available on the People page to help us understand what many usually call the various relationships between people – click on the image to see it in a new tab (and when finished close the new tab). Thanks to Dick Eastman's Daily Online Genealogy Newsletter for telling us about this useful resource.

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