Mar 172015

D00480lbThis website has just been updated. The two principal changes are:

  • an additional page listing the other entries in the Parish Registers (e.g. poems and comments) – these can be found here
  • extra presentations – Peter has given several new presentations to local groups recently , and they can be found here

Besides these changes, the majority of Peter’s time in the last few months has been spent on improving the transcripts of the Parish Registers (in conjunction with the people of FreeReg, to whom much thanks is due). I have also been going through all the names in the Parish Registers and identifying those who are the same person, and also linking them to people we already knew about from censuses etc. Because this has not yet been completed it means that all the people information is in an inconsistent state, and I have not yet transferred any of it into this website, nor into the transcripts. Hopefully I will be able to complete this in time for the next update, in the summer.

Unfortunately this also means that I have not been able to process any of the information I have received about people from other visitors to this site. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact and apologies that it is taking so long to use your information. Again I hope that your contributions will be reflected in the contents of this website in an update later in the year.
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