Nov 072014

In June 2014 our village Local History Group prepared a display about local people affected by WW1, for the patronal festival in the church. Recently the Roll of Honour and much of the detailed information was added to this website – see also WW1 (under the "Subjects" menu). From there you can explore all the names on the Roll of Honour and either hover or click to follow links to see information about most of the people listed.

There is an easy way to see all the stories as if viewing them in a display…..


At the foot of each detailed page (e.g. for Frederick R Easton above) you will see 4 buttons. They enable you to quickly:

  • Go to the person’s information (in the TNG system under the "People" menu)
  • Go back to the WW1 Roll of Honour
  • Go back to the general WW1 subject page, or …
  • Go to the next WW1 story – this enables you to cycle through all the WW1 stories, without needing to go back to the Roll of Honour and select each one individually

To see Frederick R Easton’s page for real click here.

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