Salter, John

Male Bef 1687 - Bef 1711


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Composite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 9

Composite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 9
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/4/1)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1695-1706 - Page 9
Body TextOn 26 Feb 1701/2 {I27666} Mary Ann Salter was Buried; Spouse: {I27667} John Salter

On 27 Feb 1701/2 {I23713} Henry Mitchell (Labourer) was Buried
Note: to be paid by the parish

On 22 Mar 1701/2 {I21537} Mary Walker was Baptised
Her Father: {I24022} Owen Walker (Labourer)

On 24 Mar 1701/2 {I28418} Ann Wagstaff was Buried; Spouse: {I22613} John Wagstaff (Pauper; Labourer)

On 29 Mar 1702 {I21250} Mary Morrice was Baptised
Her Father: {I23724} Henry Morrice (Labourer)

On 07 Apr 1702 {I23524} Thomas Hart (Shepherd) was Married to {I26531} Elizabeth Barrett of Needingworth

On 07 Apr 1702 {I25797} Richard Thriploe of Swacy was Married to {I21473} Mary Thorpe of Holywell

On 08 Apr 1702 {I19794} Richard Offley was Buried
His Father: {I22292} Richard Offley (Yeoman)

On 09 Apr 1702 {I20938} John Barton (Shoemaker) of Needingworth was Married to {I25105} Ann Frisbee of Needingworth

On 23 Apr 1702 {I20898} Mary Asplan was Baptised
Her Father: {I23181} Thomas Asplan (Yeoman)

On 26 Apr 1702 {I21142} Anne Hull was Baptised
Her Father: {I23603} Thomas Hull (Labourer)

On 03 May 1702 {I25372} Elizabeth Guylett was Baptised
Her Father: {I23487} Alexander Guylett (Yeoman)

On 17 May 1702 {I20148} Elizabeth Harding was Baptised
Her Father: {I23505} Robert Harding (Labourer)

On 20 May 1702 {I27659} Elizabeth Corbet (widow) was Buried

On 20 Jun 1702 {I27275} Grace Gray (widow) was Buried

On 13 Jul 1702 {I27432} Mary Watson was Buried; Spouse: {I24034} John Watson (Labourer)
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