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Female Abt 1775 - Bef 1894


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Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 63

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 63
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 63
Body TextOn 01 Jan 1801 {I25994} Roger Hastings was Buried

On 16 Apr 1801 {I25499} John Cave was Buried

On 10 Jun 1801 {I28387} Edward Hawkes was Buried
His Father: {I25626} William Hawkes

On 12 Jun 1801 {I28527} Elizabeth Wakefield was Buried; Spouse: {I28528} John Wakefield

On 13 Jul 1801 {I19682} John Lutt (Single Man) was Buried

On 02 Aug 1801 {I28067} Francis Bright was Buried
His Father: {I20840} Thomas Bright, and Mother: {I4841} Charlotte Bright

On 02 Sep 1801 {I27647} Elizabeth Harvey was Buried
Her Father: {I25492} William Harvey, and Mother: {I26186} Martha Harvey

On 15 Dec 1801 {I25492} William Harvey was Buried

On 17 Jan 1802 {I28893} Mary Mentom was Buried

On 20 Jan 1802 {I28637} Rebecca Markham was Buried; Spouse: {I25527} Henry Markham

On 26 Jan 1802 {I28891} Mary Sumpter was Buried

On 07 Feb 1802 {I20815} Sarah Batch was Buried
Her Father: {I23106} William Batch, and Mother: {I25053} Mary Batch

On 26 Feb 1802 {I20230} Sarah Touch was Buried
Mother: {I24598} Sarah Touch

On 26 Mar 1802 {I28795} John Prior was Buried
His Father: {I11549} William Prior, and Mother: {I11548} Ann Prior

On 31 May 1802 {I26682} Susanna Hart (widow) was Buried

On 31 May 1802 {I28799} Charlotte Lucas was Buried
Her Father: {I5037} William Lucas, and Mother: {I28798} Ann Lucas

On 04 Jul 1802 {I26271} Elizabeth Norman was Buried; Spouse: {I22283} Timothy Norman

On 20 May 1802 {I27586} Hannah Linton was Buried
Her Father: {I27587} Thomas Linton, and Mother: {I27588} Susanna Linton

On 19 Dec 1802 {I19893} Elizabeth Sansom was Buried
Her Father: {I19883} Thomas Sansom, and Mother: {I19600} Sarah Sansom
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