Emery, Edward

Male Bef 1764 - Bef 1765


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Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 10

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 10
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 10
Body TextOn 15 Jan 1764 {I19959} Edward Smith was Baptised
His Father: {I25975} John Smith

On 05 Feb 1764 {I19682} John Lutte was Baptised
His Father: {I22182} Edward Lutte

On 26 Feb 1764 {I19852} James Rowell was Baptised
His Father: {I22352} James Rowell

On 28 Mar 1764 {I19531} John Glover was Baptised
His Father: {I22033} William Glover

On 03 Jun 1764 {I19420} Elizabeth Cook was Baptised
Her Father: {I21927} John Cook

On 10 Jun 1764 {I19367} Thomas Allen was Baptised
His Father: {I21863} John Allen

On 19 Jun 1764 {I20231} Sarah Touch was Baptised
Her Father: {I22582} Thomas Touch

On 31 Dec 1764 {I19482} Edward Emery was Baptised
His Father: {I25993} William Emery

On 31 Dec 1764 {I19905} Anne Sea was Baptised
Her Father: {I19903} John Sea

On 15 Jan 1765 {I19498} Edward Fisher was Baptised
His Father: {I21996} John Fisher

On 09 Feb 1765 {I19785} Elizabeth Nicholson was Baptised
Her Father: {I19781} John Nicholson

On 21 Feb 1765 {I20313} Elizabeth Wright was Baptised
Her Father: {I26003} John Wright

On 05 Mar 1765 {I20810} Thomas Barton was Baptised
His Father: {I23102} Thomas Barton

On 21 Mar 1765 {I19602} Martha Hull was Baptised
Her Father: {I22918} John Hull

On 08 Apr 1765 {I20261} Bartholomew Veessy was Baptised
His Father: {I22607} Bartholomew Veessy

On 06 Jun 1765 {I19335} Hannah Cannon was Baptised
Her Father: {I21024} Thomas Cannon

On 16 Jun 1765 {I21641} Bennett Barton was Baptised
His Father: {I21898} Jaimes Barton

On 30 Jun 1765 {I20315} Ann Wright was Baptised
Her Father: {I21602} John Wright

On 30 Jun 1765 {I25371} Mary Mitchell was Baptised
Her Father: {I25934} John Mitchell

On 30 Jun 1765 {I19762} Maria Mitchell was Baptised
Her Father: {I25934} John Mitchell

On 07 Jul 1765 {I19487} Alice Fairy was Baptised
Mother: {I26750} Elizabeth Fairy

On 21 Jul 1765 {I19882} Ann Sansom was Baptised
Her Father: {I25948} William Sansom

On 22 Jul 1765 {I19853} Anne Rowell was Baptised
Her Father: {I22352} James Rowell
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