Sea, Samuel

Male Abt 1750 - Bef 1869


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Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 8

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 8
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 8
Body TextOn 16 Jan 1760 {I19780} William Nicholson was Baptised (and Born 08 Jan 1749/50)
His Father: {I22278} John Nicholson

On 07 Apr 1760 {I19809} John Parrin was Baptised
His Father: {I25641} William Parrin

On 18 May 1760 {I19759} Isaac Mitchell was Baptised
His Father: {I21240} William Mitchell

On 21 Jun 1760 {I19826} Sarah Press was Baptised
Her Father: {I22323} Thomas Press

On 14 Jul 1760 {I19633} John Law was Baptised
His Father: {I22134} John Law

On 21 Jul 1760 {I20254} Susanna Turner was Baptised
Her Father: {I22602} Henry Turner

On 21 Jul 1760 {I19396} Jane Barrow was Baptised
Her Father: {I21892} Charles Barrow

On 21 Jul 1760 {I19928} James Smith (Illegitimate) was Baptised
Mother: {I24511} Ann Smith

On 21 Jul 1760 {I19983} Frances Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {I22480} Thomas Smith

On 22 Jul 1760 {I19642} Samuel Sea (aged 10 Years) was Baptised
His Father: {I21367} Thomas Sea

On 22 Jul 1760 {I19796} Richard Offley was Baptised
His Father: {I25968} Robert Offley

On 28 Sep 1760 {I20299} Martha Wright was Baptised
Her Father: {I21602} John Wright

On 12 Oct 1760 {I19863} John Peters was Baptised
His Father: {I21327} John Peters

On 23 Nov 1760 {I19754} Thomas Mitchell was Baptised
His Father: {I21246} Thomas Mitchell

On 15 Mar 1761 {I20821} Alexander Bell was Baptised
His Father: {I23113} Alexander Bell

On 12 Apr 1761 {I19741} Joseph Mitchell was Baptised
His Father: {I25934} John Mitchell

On 12 Apr 1761 {I19866} Richard Pope was Baptised
His Father: {I25982} John Pope

On 23 Apr 1761 {I20273} Jonathan Wakefield was Baptised
His Father: {I25969} John Wakefield

On 26 Apr 1761 {I19858} Samuel Ryecraft was Baptised
His Father: {I22359} Samuel Ryecraft

On 27 Apr 1761 {I19493} Thomas Fisher was Baptised
His Father: {I25979} John Fisher

On 12 May 1761 {I19334} Henry Cannon was Baptised
His Father: {I21024} Thomas Cannon

On 08 Jun 1761 {I19629} Kezia Kidson was Baptised
Her Father: {I22944} Seth Kidson

On 05 Jul 1761 {I19499} Mary Fisher (aged 3 Years) was Baptised
Her Father: {I21997} John Fisher

On 05 Jul 1761 {I19501} Anne Fisher was Baptised
Her Father: {I21997} John Fisher

On 20 Jul 1761 {I19681} Edward Lutte was Baptised
His Father: {I22182} Edward Lutte

On 25 Sep 1761 {I19409} Amy Cole was Baptised
Her Father: {I25933} Robert Cole

On 11 Nov 1761 {I19958} Sarah Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {I25975} John Smith

On 22 Nov 1761 {I19980} Samuel Smith was Baptised
His Father: {I22480} Thomas Smith

On 29 Nov 1761 {I20038} Charlotte Thorp was Baptised
Her Father: {I25699} Joseph Thorp

On 06 Dec 1761 {I19639} Thomas Law was Baptised
His Father: {I22134} John Law
(Also) Linked toI19928; I24511

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