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Male Bef 1719 - Bef 1758


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Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 6

Composite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 6
Used with kind permission of HcN PCC, and Huntingdonshire Archives (HP44/1/1/2)

Media TitleComposite Parish Registers 1747-1812 - Page 6
Body TextOn 19 Oct 1755 {I19757} Henry Mitchell was Baptised
His Father: {I25934} John Mitchell

On 26 Oct 1755 {I20260} Elizabeth Veessy was Baptised
Her Father: {I22607} Bartholomew Veessy

On 26 Oct 1755 {I19961} Anne Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {I25716} Andrew Smith

On 09 Nov 1755 {I19600} Sarah Hull was Baptised
Her Father: {I22927} John Hull

On 16 Nov 1755 {I19751} Abraham Mitchell was Baptised
His Father: {I21240} William Mitchell

On 30 Dec 1755 {I20283} Richard West was Baptised
His Father: {I22634} Martin West

On 25 Jan 1756 {I20222} Elizabeth Thorpe was Baptised
Her Father: {I25639} John Thorpe
Note: Presumably the clerk used the old Lady Day year start by mistake

On 20 Feb 1756 {I19378} Mary Archdeacon was Baptised
Her Father: {I21875} Joseph Archdeacon
Note: Presumably the clerk used the old Lady Day year start by mistake

On 07 Mar 1756 {I20267} William Wakefield was Baptised
His Father: {I22616} John Wakefield

On 08 Apr 1756 {I19883} Thomas Sanson was Baptised
His Father: {I25948} William Sanson

On 18 Jul 1756 {I19524} Joseph Gee was Baptised
His Father: {I22020} John Gee

On 18 Jul 1756 {I19532} Matthew Glover was Baptised
His Father: {I22034} Matthew Glover

On 18 Jul 1756 {I19971} Anne Smith was Baptised
Her Father: {I22444} Richard Smith

On 03 Oct 1756 {I19343} Elizabeth Cannon was Baptised
Her Father: {I21024} Thomas Cannon

On 26 Dec 1756 {I19593} Mary Howard was Baptised
Her Father: {I22909} William Howard

On 13 Feb 1757 {I20205} Edward Thorpe was Baptised
His Father: {I5317} Samuel Thorpe

On 13 Feb 1757 {I20831} Richard Brace was Baptised
His Father: {I25949} John Brace

On 06 Mar 1757 {I19773} William Mumford was Baptised
His Father: {I21266} William Mumford

On 10 Apr 1757 {I19661} William Leyden was Baptised
His Father: {I22144} Thomas Leyden

On 11 Apr 1757 {I19822} Ann Pope was Baptised
Her Father: {I22368} William Pope

On 11 Apr 1757 {I19435} Robert Corbitt (Illegitimate) was Baptised
Mother: {I27660} Sarah Corbitt

On 08 Jun 1757 {I19857} Thomas Ryecroft was Baptised
His Father: {I22359} Samuel Ryecroft

On 19 Jun 1757 {I19380} Stephen Argent was Baptised
His Father: {I21878} Richard Argent

On 24 Jul 1757 {I19445} William Croft was Baptised
His Father: {I25930} William Croft

On 24 Jul 1757 {I19430} Ann Cooke was Baptised
Her Father: {I21916} John Cooke
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