Islington, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Earl, Robert Francis M   I8309
2 Prime, Gertrude Ann  Between Jun 1892 and Sep 1892Islington, London, England I4255
3 Ayres, Amos John  Between Dec 1887 and Mar 1888Islington, London, England I8530
4 Bedford, Mabel Harriet Grace  27 Mar 1881Islington, London, England I3671
5 Fraser, Francis George Gordon  06 Nov 1879Islington, London, England I7861
6 Abbess, Lily Elizabeth  Between Mar 1879 and Jun 1879Islington, London, England I8611
7 Baker, Ellen Fanny  Abt 1879Islington, London, England I9805
8 Dines, Walter Flint  Abt 1877Islington, London, England I9879
9 Abbess, William John  Between Mar 1876 and Jun 1876Islington, London, England I8613
10 Haseltine, Lilian Jane  Abt 1875Islington, London, England I4354
11 Bedford, Carry Meadows  01 Jan 1874Islington, London, England I11822
12 Haseltine, Florance M  Abt 1874Islington, London, England I4353
13 Abbess, Edith  Between Dec 1873 and Mar 1874Islington, London, England I8615
14 Bidwell, Isaac  Abt 1872Islington, London, England I29099
15 Abbess, Herbert Alfred  Between Dec 1871 and Mar 1872Islington, London, England I8612
16 Abbess, Lucy  Abt 1871Islington, London, England I8753
17 Warren, Edward Frank  Abt 1870Islington, London, England I9827
18 Abbess, Ada  Between Dec 1869 and Mar 1870Islington, London, England I8619
19 Bidwell, Ellen Rebecca  Abt 1868Islington, London, England I3153
20 Abbess, Drusilla Annie  Between Dec 1867 and Mar 1868Islington, London, England I8616
21 Lewin, Ada  Between Sep 1864 and Dec 1864Islington, London, England I8990
22 Crowson, Lydia Aurusta  Between Sep 1861 and Dec 1861Islington, London, England I9099
23 Crowson, Walter Frederick  Between Jun 1860 and Sep 1860Islington, London, England I8377
24 Bidwell, Mary Jane  14 Sep 1858Islington, London, England I3556
25 Bedford, Lewis Block  Abt 1855Islington, London, England I9448
26 Richards, Arthur R  Abt 1853Islington, London, England I9624
27 Haseltine, Eva M  Abt 1841Islington, London, England I4352
28 Vepan, Fanny  Abt 1833Islington, London, England I1732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Flood, Frederick Howard  Between Mar 1909 and Jun 1909Islington, London, England I4697


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbess, Adela Daisy  Between Mar 1881 and Jun 1881Islington, London, England I8614
2 Bedford, Carry Meadows  30 Mar 1874Islington, London, England I11822
3 Crowson, Joseph William  Abt 1860Islington, London, England I8375
4 Ware, William Henry  Abt 1846Islington, London, England I9647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cooper, James Amos  02 Apr 1911Islington, London, England I3190
2 Cooper, Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Islington, London, England I9870
3 Circus, Emma  02 Apr 1911Islington, London, England I3178
4 Spriggs, John William F  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8618
5 Prior, Samuel  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I1502
6 Prime, George Henry  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I3527
7 Jenden, Sarah Anne  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8610
8 Abbess, William John  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8613
9 Abbess, Lily Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8611
10 Abbess, John  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I961
11 Abbess, Herbert Alfred  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8612
12 Abbess, Adela Daisy  31 Mar 1901Islington, London, England I8614
13 Warren, Fred  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I9651
14 Turner, Hannah Edwards  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I2697
15 Topper, Eliza  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I2923
16 Prior, Samuel  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I1502
17 Marsh, George Robert  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I9578
18 Jenden, Sarah Anne  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8610
19 Hepher, Elizabeth  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I2561
20 Binge, Benjamin  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I14163
21 Bidwell, Isaac  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I29099
22 Ayres, Mary Elizabeth  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I3127
23 Abbess, William John  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8613
24 Abbess, Lily Elizabeth  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8611
25 Abbess, John  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I961
26 Abbess, Herbert Alfred  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8612
27 Abbess, Edith  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8615
28 Abbess, Drusilla Annie  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8616
29 Abbess, Adela Daisy  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8614
30 Abbess, Ada  05 Apr 1891Islington, London, England I8619
31 White, Elizabeth  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I1057
32 Webster, Wellington  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I1779
33 Richford, Susan  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I9369
34 Purser, Emma Elizabeth  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I8134
35 Prior, Samuel  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I1502
36 Mansfield, Elizabeth  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I2953
37 Jenden, Sarah Anne  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I8610
38 Hepher, Elizabeth  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I2561
39 Fraser, Robert Winchester  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I7858
40 Fraser, Robert James Winchester  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I323
41 Fraser, Francis George Gordon  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I7861
42 Davis, Eliza  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I9413
43 Crowson, Mary Ann  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I8378
44 Chambers, Harriett  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I1059
45 Bidwell, John  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I8379
46 Bidwell, Isaac  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I29099
47 Bedford, Mabel Harriet Grace  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I3671
48 Bedford, Edward Dennis  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I447
49 Ayres, John  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I3126
50 Abbess, William John  03 Apr 1881Islington, London, England I8613

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Dated Note

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Dated Note    Person ID 
1 Trowell, George Merryweather  07 Apr 1890Islington, London, England I25404


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   Family (Spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 Lisamore / Doyle  Abt Dec 1922Islington, London, England F1369
2 Spriggs / Abbess  Abt Dec 1897Islington, London, England F1698
3 Whalley / Abbess  Abt Sep 1891Islington, London, England F2259
4 Kill / Easton  Abt Dec 1882Islington, London, England F2223
5 Webster / Davis  Abt Jun 1878Islington, London, England F2026
6 Smith / Collins  Abt Jun 1874Islington, London, England F108
7 White / Sharp  Abt Jun 1858Islington, London, England F2027
8 Fuller / Sharp  Abt Sep 1857Islington, London, England F2392