Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Breed, Elijah  Between Mar 1885 and Jun 1885Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I3680
2 Breed, Maud  Between Sep 1881 and Dec 1881Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I3679
3 Martin, Charles  Between Dec 1880 and Mar 1881Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9783
4 Breed, Lydia  Between Dec 1878 and Mar 1879Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I3678
5 Martin, Arthur James  Between Jun 1878 and Sep 1878Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9782
6 Breed, Isabel  Between Mar 1877 and Jun 1877Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I3677
7 Martin, Matilda  Between Jun 1871 and Sep 1871Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9788
8 Jeeves, Frank Allen  Abt 1866Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9537
9 Bedford, Frederick  Abt 1863Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9449
10 Garrett, Jabez  Abt 1857Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10896
11 Garrett, John  Abt 1854Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10895
12 Martin, Esther  Abt 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9465
13 Garrett, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10894
14 Garrett, Eliza  Abt 1848Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10893
15 Breed, Elijah  Between Jun 1844 and Sep 1844Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I3675
16 Garrett, Frances  Abt 1844Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10892
17 Judson, Isaac  Abt 1834Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4821
18 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9787
19 Richards, Susannah  Abt 1823Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I1521
20 Martin, Hayes  Abt 1821Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9786
21 Wilderspin, John  Abt 1812Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I5160
22 Wilderspin, Catherine  Abt 1796Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I1334


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martin, Frank Harry  Abt 1889Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I9468
2 Martin, Frederick  Abt 1883Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I19231
3 Garrett, Mary Anne  Abt 1841Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4709
4 Butcher, Robert  Abt 1841Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I1014
5 See, Mary Ann  Abt 1826Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I11198


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Garrett, Joseph  07 Apr 1861Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4707
2 Garrett, John  07 Apr 1861Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10895
3 Garrett, Jabez  07 Apr 1861Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10896
4 Garrett, Elizabeth  07 Apr 1861Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4708
5 Garrett, Elizabeth  07 Apr 1861Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10894
6 Garrett, Mary Anne  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4709
7 Garrett, Joseph  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4707
8 Garrett, Frances  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10892
9 Garrett, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4708
10 Garrett, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10894
11 Garrett, Eliza  30 Mar 1851Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10893
12 Allpress, Robert Wetham  06 Jun 1841Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I10752

Dated Note

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Dated Note    Person ID 
1 Judson, John  05 Sep 1824Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I4817
2 Chandler, John  22 Sep 1725Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I25876
3 James, Thomas  30 May 1714Hilton, Cambridgeshire, England I25835