Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Preston, Ethel Florence  Between Sep 1904 and Dec 1904Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I535
2 Preston, Mabel  Between Mar 1903 and Jun 1903Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I534
3 Broughton, Herbert Frederick  Between Sep 1891 and Dec 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4262
4 Broughton, William  Abt 1889Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4261
5 Broughton, Louie  Abt 1885Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7891
6 Broughton, Katie  Abt 1883Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7890
7 Broughton, Lillian  Abt 1882Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4260
8 Shelton, Jane  Between Dec 1881 and Mar 1882Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9977
9 Rignall, Esther  Between Sep 1879 and Dec 1879Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4250
10 Read, Caroline Annie  Between Sep 1878 and Dec 1878Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7921
11 Broughton, Jane Elizabeth  Between Jun 1878 and Sep 1878Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7889
12 Bunnage, Mary Hills  13 Feb 1878Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11718
13 Ashby, William Smith  Between Dec 1874 and Mar 1875Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3281
14 Read, Lizzie Louisa  Abt 1873Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11361
15 Ashby, George Francis  Between Dec 1872 and Mar 1873Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3280
16 Dockerill, William  Between Mar 1870 and Jun 1870Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I8426
17 Clifton, Flora Eleanor A  Between Mar 1870 and Jun 1870Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3332
18 Meadows, Frederick  Abt 1870Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9791
19 Ashby, Frederick James  Between Mar 1868 and Jun 1868Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3279
20 Ashby, Emma  Between Mar 1865 and Jun 1865Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3278
21 Sansom, Sarah Ann  Abt 1865Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9689
22 Onyett, David  Abt 1850Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I2993
23 Broughton, Holmes  Between Mar 1849 and Jun 1849Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4257
24 See, Charles  Abt 1847Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I8937
25 Read, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11363
26 Noble, Matilda  13 Mar 1846Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3158
27 Bedford, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1842Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I29003
28 Dockerill, John  Abt 1829Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I8425
29 Bedford, Joseph  Abt 1822Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I10003
30 Harvey, Mary  Abt 1803Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I10155
31 Emery, Edith  Abt 1793Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I1568
32 Lee, Ann  Abt 1772Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I1308


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martin, Daisy Beatrice  Abt 1896Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9785
2 Cooper, Minnie  Abt 1890Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3813
3 Cooper, Charles  Abt 1889Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3811
4 Gray, Sarah  Abt 1793Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I1198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Wilderspin, Mary Ann  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9663
2 Prior, Harriet  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3851
3 Murden, Alfred George  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9789
4 Martin, Samuel  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9467
5 Martin, Matilda  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9788
6 Martin, Frank Harry  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9468
7 Martin, Esther  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9465
8 Martin, Edwin  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9464
9 Martin, Daisy Beatrice  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9785
10 Easton, Frederick R  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3731
11 Clarke, Martin  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9867
12 Braybrook, Ernest  02 Apr 1911Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9855
13 Sewell, Margaret Helen  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9792
14 Read, Josiah  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11362
15 Read, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11363
16 Meadows, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9793
17 Meadows, Margaret Louise  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9795
18 Meadows, Frederick  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9791
19 Meadows, Fred  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9794
20 Martin, Kate  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9784
21 Martin, Frederick  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I19231
22 Martin, Frank Harry  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9468
23 Martin, Esther  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9465
24 Martin, Edwin  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9464
25 Martin, Daisy Beatrice  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9785
26 Martin, Charles  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9783
27 Martin, Arthur James  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9782
28 Cooper, Minnie  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3813
29 Cooper, James  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3186
30 Cooper, Charles  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3811
31 Ayres, Harriett  31 Mar 1901Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3117
32 Wilderspin, Miriam  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9664
33 Wilderspin, Mary Ann  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9663
34 Wilderspin, Charles  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I2864
35 Wilderspin, Ada  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9662
36 Read, Lizzie Louisa  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I11361
37 Read, Caroline Annie  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7921
38 Newman, Alfred  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3509
39 Martin, Samuel  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9467
40 Martin, Frederick  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I19231
41 Martin, Frank Harry  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9468
42 Martin, Esther  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9465
43 Martin, Edwin  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9464
44 Leeden, James  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I9314
45 Cooper, James  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3186
46 Broughton, William  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4261
47 Broughton, Louie  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7891
48 Broughton, Lillian  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I4260
49 Broughton, Katie  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7890
50 Broughton, Jane Elizabeth  05 Apr 1891Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I7889

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Dated Note

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Dated Note    Person ID 
1 Noble, Matilda  09 Jun 1868Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I3158
2 Helton, Ann  27 Sep 1807Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I26344
3 Kettle, William  29 Dec 1743Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I25911
4 Cox, Samuel  05 Oct 1725Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I25872
5 Lister, Edward  05 Apr 1724Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I25870
6 Marshall, Henry  31 Mar 1722Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I27417
7 Woodcock, John  28 Oct 1702Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England I21597


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   Family (Spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 Nunn / Carter  15 Aug 1839Warboys, Cambridgeshire, England F2719